Sunday, August 18, 2013

What Have I Been Up To?? A' la Mode Designs

Lately I am knee deep in beads and having so much fun!  Creating the necklaces really appeals to my creative side, and has been a fun little side project for me!  I have been slammed with orders and I am grateful for that!  If you would like a special necklace or bracelet made for you or your little girl, email me!

Crabby Charm!

"Key to the Castle"

Sweet Rose charm!

Flower charm!

It's hard to see in this pic but the charm is a little pair of glasses and I LOVE IT
(I had glasses from 1st grade on.....)

This sweet little birdhouse charm is brand new!

K is obsessed with this princess castle charm!

Keep up with my new designs on my facebook page!
I can make you a necklace based on color, or you can even email me a pic of outfits you would like for it to match!
Necklaces $30
Bracelets $15
$5 shipping
Email me for orders


  1. These are absolutely adorable! Makes me wish I had a little girl :)

  2. Do you have an Etsy store or do you do custom only?

    1. I don't have an etsy store yet only because I have been slammed with orders, maybe in the future! I can recreate any that you may have liked that I have posted, and I am always posting new designs daily on my facebook page
      xoxo shelli

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