Friday, June 21, 2013

Maren In The News...The Bitsy Bag

My friend Mandi designed this really cool product called The Bitsy Bag.  It's awesome.

She is in the process of moving her office and needed a space and a baby for a news segment that was being done on her Bitsy Bag!

I mean....why not?  I have a nice clean decorated nursery that no one has ever set foot in (she's still in our room).....and a cute little baby too!

So you know, just a typical Monday morning with a news crew in my home.....and I'm lucky I had a shower, but whatev.

Here is the bit if you wanna check it out:

Maren wore this one and we LOVE it.
It is a super light weight cotton.


  1. Nothing more fun than working hard to design a room and getting to share it with others! So cool.

  2. Very cool. Just popping in to say hi. I know you're super busy with your two beautiful girls. I had to tell you that my niece's name is Maren Elizabeth too - how crazy is that. She just turned 9.

    Take care!

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