Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I'm still here, just enjoying life as a mommy of TWO super fun little girls so forgive the lack of posts lately.......
I sure have missed blogging though!
I'm going to try to be better about popping in this summer and then in the fall I will be back to my normal weekly posts.

Last Day of Mother's Day Out

Tumbling Class
Summer FUN has begun!


LOTS of reading with our baby dolls....
3 Year Check Up.
Still 97% in height and weight, my big strong girl

and then there is this little cutie.
Sleeping, cooing, laughing, smiling.

I didn't wanna bombard you with too many sleeping shots so more on Maren later, lol.

Sweet Maren- The most laid back baby on the planet.
We're just in love with her.
Can you believe she is 12 weeks already?
(3 month photos coming up soon!)
Time is flying.  Make it stop.

Are you guys having a great summer?
We are having a BALL!!!


  1. You have been missed! Enjoy those sweet girls!

  2. So sweet! The girls are beautiful. Enjoy your summer with them.

  3. Can never see too many sleeping baby photos!

  4. Your girls are beautiful!! I have a little Maren too:-)
    Karina in Norway.

  5. Adorable girl! Do you mind sharing where your dangers pink shoes are from?

  6. Your girls are so cute! Do you mind telling me where you got yak your daughters pink shoes? They would be perfect for my little girl. Thanks.

  7. Your girls are precious!! K is one very adorable big sister. I love the way you dress her Shelli. What a little doll Maren is. Pretty name. I am so happy for you! Enjoy your summer my dear.

  8. Your girls are precious, and I love the shoes! What are they?

  9. It's been a while, friend. How are you? Gorgeous girls. LOVE the name Maren. Hope you are well.

    1. HI!!!!! We're doing well just enjoying summer and watching this little baby bird grow!!! =) HOW ARE YOU??? xoxo shel

  10. Both girls are so cute-enjoy the time ;) I'd love to know where Baby K's clothes and necklace are from-Thanks !

    1. K's clothes are Matilda Jane and I make the necklaces!!! I'm going to be selling some on the blog soon! K is OBSESSED WITH THEM, lol! xoxo shel

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