Sunday, March 17, 2013

One Time Buy, Twice The Fun!

There is definitely one immediate benefit of having two kiddos of the same gender....

Instant Wardrobe!  
It's kind of fun to re live the clothing and also use some things that didn't get worn the first go round with little K.  Thank goodness my girls will be the same season as well!!  

I just ordered the finishing touches on the nursery this week and plan to have it photographed in a few weeks along with some newborn shots of baby M.  I'll try to give you a few sneak peeks this week before I have a baby!


  1. Our girls were different seasons, but since our second was so much bigger it actually worked out. One thing I did learn however was not to always buy matching outfits. Coordinating works better. That way when you pass along what the older one wore to the younger you aren't looking at the same thing for years!! LOL

    1. Ok, THAT is valuable info!!!! Thank you!!! I seriously probably would have never thought of that!! xoxox

  2. where did you find the cute pink baskets??

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