Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Basket For My K!

Happy Valentine's Day Ya'll!!!

I made a little goody basket for my sweet K to celebrate....

A BIG jellycat bear (the softest stuffed animals EVER), some valentine pjs, lots of sugary goodness, fun jewelry and some days of the week underpants just to make it complete, LOL

How fun is this lovey bear? 

I'm going to give it to K after school today and I'm super excited!!  Let's just hope she doesn't want to devour all of the candy at once!  


  1. What a precious basket. So well thought out. Love the fun with the added practical built in. Have a wonderful afternoon with her.

  2. Precious! A blessed little girl :)

  3. Oh how darling! K is going to love it. What a special treat. Happy Valentine's Day Shelli!

  4. What a sweet Valentine basket. I don't comment much, but I love keeping up with you on your blog and can't wait to hear when Baby M arrives. I wonder will it be M for Michelle? I hope the rest of your maternity journey goes by quickly!

  5. Such an adorable basket! Love Jellycat!! Hope you're feeling well! xo