Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Pink Office Is Closed For Business......

Remember my beloved pink office?

Well, times they are a changing, and it's gone.  
This soon to be momma of two found herself needing a playroom of sorts on the main floor of the house, and a transitional nursery so that I don't have to brave the stairs with a newborn baby after a c section.  I was secretly also wanting to add some blue and kinda sick of the pink.

The bookshelves remain the same and I bought a second set of the drapery panels that are hung inside of the french doors to help block the light when I have baby M in the mini crib.

I decided to go with Behr Light French Gray for the paint.  I have touches of blue and gray through out the main floor of our home and it just made sense.  I also found some really sweet mini crib bedding to add to the room too.  

Here is a peek into the new space.  It now houses the striped linen sofa, a glider, a changing table and some shelves with a few of K's toys.  She likes to play with her dollhouse in this room (she calls it a 'dog'house which really gets us some funny looks).

This is the not so stylish but OH SO COMFORTABLE glider we bought to put in our room when K was born.  It has been in hiding since then but we brought it back out for baby M.  I mean, who DOESN'T want to crawl up in a big chair of minky dot?  Ha.  It is a glider and also a recliner too.  Perfect for late nights with baby.

While this is not baby M's nursery, I decided to buy a portable mini crib with a real mattress and bedding so that this room will make a great transitional nursery.  I love the fact that it folds up flat and is on wheels!  Braving this staircase after a c section and carrying a newborn didn't feel very appealing.  K's room is on the main floor as well, so we will just keep our new little family of four downstairs with us for awhile, until we decide to move both of the girls upstairs.  I'm not ready for that yet =)

The bunny toile portable crib bedding came from Carousel Designs and they have an amazing collection of crib bedding in general!

Now, I must stock up on diapers!  Eeek!  


  1. My first baby had/has this same bedding. So sweet!

  2. omg in love, yes sad to see the office go but it looks like a stylish magazine quality office turned playroom :)

  3. It looks great!!! Love the new wall color.

  4. very cute, love the color combo and stripes!

  5. Shelli

    TARGET (atleast here in MI) is clearancing out their big box/cases of diapers from their January bulk section sale....They were ringing up $18.98 for both Huggies and Pampers....there should be some coupons either on the Target sight or that you can use as well...(I had some from Sunday papers if you coupon?) I was able to buy 3 cases for what I would have paid for 1 at Costco! with 2 in diapers over here it sure of luck...and LOVE the mini-nursery :-)

  6. Loving the change. And, you will be happy not climbing all those stairs. We've changed many a rooms over the years as our family has grown.

  7. So pretty. Congrats! With our second, we changed our butler's pantry into a changing area. It was great not to have to run upstairs to do everything!

  8. I used that paint color in our last master bathroom and loved it! The perfect blue/gray shade depending on time of day. Love how the transitional nursery is turning out. Good luck with everything!

  9. How exciting! I love the new color, and I bet you will love having everyone on the first floor. Beats going up and down those stairs all the time!

  10. your home is stunning!!! Love the blue!

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