Sunday, January 20, 2013

Im Cleaning Out My Linen Closet- Pillows For Sale!

I have a linen closet in my home strictly for decor.  
It is full and I need space.  So....I'm selling a ton of pillows!

Many of the pillows for sale have been featured on the blog in my home (like the turquoise ikat pillows in my office), 
...and many have never seen the light of day.

Go here to check out the pillow palooza sale!


  1. Hi-

    Did you sell the Thomas Paul avacado/cream pillows? If not I want them.....please:) I will paypal the money right away.

    1. They are available! Do you still want them? xo shel

  2. You sold your pillows super fast! You must be redecorating. You have one of the prettiest offices.....I love it. It is one of my absolute favorites. Have a great week Shelli.

  3. I just died over each and every one of those pillows. Can you adopt me? I'll cook for you if I can just sit in that office LOL.