Tuesday, January 29, 2013

75% off Sale at Kayce Hughes Pears And Bears

One of the coolest locals in Nashville is Kayce Hughes.  She is so chic and it spills right on over into her shop and clothing design.  Her women's line is so simple and chic. I love it all.




I bought many Pears and Bears outfits for K starting when she was a baby...and its still a fav of mine.  Classic and cute.  Great combo.

Kayce Huges Pears and Bears is having their 75% off sale right now so I wanted to share with you guys so you could take advantage too.




I am eyeing for K.


Loving these for baby M.

(*she has adorable boy clothing too, but we have noooo need for that in our house, HA!)


  1. Thanks for the tip! I live in Nashville too, but they have more online on sale than in the store. I bought several things for my little guy for the fall. My husband, however, is not appreciative of your tip. : ) Kidding!

    Love love love your blog!

  2. i just assumed her stuff was outrageous in price so i never went in...good to know!! thanks for the heads up lady

  3. Um, just made my Friday. My little man racked up! Thank you!