Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Kashmir White Granite Is Installed!

After 5 weeks without running water and a working dishwasher in the kitchen, the countertops were finally installed last week!  YAY!  (washing dishes in the laundry room sink was getting OLD...)

*If you would like to see the progress of my kitchen remodel in its entirety (and for sources) click here

Here is the new farm sink, bridge faucet and honed Kashmir Granite! (try to ignore the ripped up old tile, the tile man is coming to install on the 17th!)

The honed finish on the granite is GORGEOUS and has a really great feel to it as well....we were lucky and were able to get very white and gray large slabs without much garnet in them so they really look like marble but without the upkeep so that is awesome!

Here is a good shot to show you how we ripped down the 2 bar top and how it really opens up the space and sure lightened it as well!  The kitchen seems so much bigger and brighter now... (can't wait for dry wall and tile backsplash)

Here is a shot of the island with the larger slab on top.  It is really nice because there is now an overhang on the back and the side for extra seating and hanging out in the kitchen, just what we wanted!   The cabinets still need to be glazed, and originally we thought the wine fridge would go where the dark original cabinet is located so it isn't painted, lol.  We later decided to place the wine fridge next to the real fridge, so our painter will fix this when he comes for the glaze.

Here is where the wine fridge ended up and it works out much better!

Here you can see the overhang on the back of the island and my new double countertop stool with knife pleated slipcover!  It is made of washable and durable ivory denim and the bench is super comfortable!  Great place to pull up and have a snack or a glass of wine.

Here is another wide shot of the lighter and brighter kitchen.  The black stool will be repainted, the tile will go up on the 17th, the cabinets will be touched up and glazed and then the hardware will go up.  After seeing how the polished chrome bridge faucet really dolled up the sink, I can't wait to see how the pulls and knobs from Restoration Hardware look!

Here is a glance back at my kitchen before the refacing...

you can see the 2 bar top we eliminated in this pic too

pretty dark and seemed smaller, 
no one wanted to spend time in here

remodel in progress.....

We still have a ways to go, but the bright side is that we have a working sink and dishwasher, so the kitchen is now back to functional!  Stay tuned!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

A VIsit To Santa!

Well, I was MIA last week because the kitchen renovation was in full swing (I'll share pics tomorrow of the progress!) but I hope to be back to blogging all this week, as I've missed you guys!

Yesterday, we went to the 'Breakfast With Santa' at the club.

We've been talking about Santa, and what we are going to say to him and how he isn't scary.  It was worth a shot I guess.

Remember this post?  Well, my baby is DEF growing up (sniff, sniff)

"Mom, where is Santa?"

Waiting her turn.....

She ran up and HUGGED Santa!
(not quite what we were expecting, so sweet!)

K was still very shy, but she did tell Santa that she would like a dollhouse!