Monday, October 8, 2012

New Pulls And Knobs For The Kitchen Makeover!

Wanna see the new pulls I have chosen for my kitchen makeover?

(how about I needed 29 of these?  OUCH!)

I pulled the trigger on the pulls last night as Restoration Hardware is having their 20% off Friends and Family event!  I'm so excited for them to arrive, I mean, it's like jewelry for you kitchen!


  1. It'll be worth it!!! I was "forced" into some dumb looking hardware because I already had particular holes drilled in the cabinets, (we only painted them.) Still annoyed by them 6 years later!!! Can't wait til your done!

  2. Over $1,000 on drawer pulls? Must be nice...

  3. What is up with Anonymous's comments? Geez. Craziness!

    Love your choices! And... nevermind. I'm going to keep my mouth shut! :)