Friday, October 12, 2012

My Friend Alison's Gorgeous Vintage Baby Shower

My sweet friend Alison is having a baby boy in December!
One of her dear friends put together a shower for Alison, and unfortunately I missed it because I was at Disney.  

Here are a few pics of the shower decor, because I thought it was SO sweet and beautiful.   It had a beautiful vintage feel, and was simple and sweet.  

Her friend Jenny, who put this gorgeous shower together, ALSO made this beautiful cake.  Such talent!

The baby shoes!  I am in love!

Did I mention that the shower hostess, Jenny, also bought this antique dresser, painted and distressed it, and gave it to Alison as her shower gift for the new baby's changing table?
I can't take it.  
We should all BE a friend like Jenny!

Also, I thought Alison's maternity shoot went beautifully as well and she gave me her permission to share...

Isn't she beautiful? And this is her second baby I might add....just amazing.  Thanks for letting me share your beautiful shower and maternity shots Alison!


  1. Wow, I am speechless! Adorable baby shower, divine changing table and beautiful maternity shoot!! A great post x

  2. What a lovely shower. That cake is amazing! Love the jars as drinking glasses wrapped in the twine with a flower. Lovely details and those maternity photos are gorgeous. Alison is a beautiful woman.

  3. That dresser will make a beautiful baby changing table. Check out the pads from restoration hardware, the colors are soft and muted and should match the style perfectly. They also fit nicely into a drawer when you're finished using it, if you prefer to keep the top clear.

  4. Wow. So lovely. I love the vintage feel and those maternity photos are stunning. Wow!

  5. Wow....a little Demi! Just a wee bit self absorbed.

  6. i love all the anonymous people who leave obnoxious comments. please have the balls to leave your name if you are going to post rude comments. i think she looks fab. you, ms anonymous probably do not which is why you are leave rude comments.

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