Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dining Chair Switch Up- Wingback Dining Chairs

I made my first purchase on One Kings Lane this past week!

If you have read my blog over any period of time, you know that I am a big fan of mixed seating at the dining and breakfast room table.  

My dining room seating currently looks like this.

but then I saw these chairs on One Kings Lane

and fell in love with them.  
I bought 2 for the head chairs at the dining table.  

Well, ONE arrived today!  Yippee!  Where is the other one you ask?  Um, I hope on tomorrow's truck?! (eek!)  

They are beautifully slip covered and have the best lines!  I also think they go really well with my current bench.  We call it the 'French Bench.'  And by we, I mean me.  Not to mention, since I bought them one One Kings Lane, I got a great deal!  Double win!

I'll show you the whole table if when the other one arrives!

Have you ever shopped One Kings Lane?  
What did you buy?

*If you haven't joined and wanna see the sales online, you can join for free by clicking on my link here


  1. do you mind me asking how much they were?

  2. Love it Shelli! Your dining room has been a huge inspiration to me as I'm redoing mine. I just posted on the host chairs I'm working on today! You're doing some awesome stuff over there!

  3. I love the change up! These look gorgeous and add so much height and glamour to your dining space! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Love the new chairs! They look great with the table. This is a random question, but how do you get images like the one you posted from you phone?

  5. @Nancy - per the website, retail is $600, but they were on sale for $349.

  6. very nice! can't wait to see the entire room after your other chair arrives!

  7. Oh, I have seen these lovelies on OKL, and *love* them even more now that I see one in your dining room. I have been toying with the idea of adding some slipcovered chairs to my dining room, but it's like the 14th item on my long list of needs/wants. Soooo pretty though!

  8. big fan of the change in color on your walls my dear. And that chair is perfection. Hope the second one is already in your house by now!

  9. Wow! It is beautiful! It goes perfectly with your bench. Crossing my fingers that you get the 2nd one today!

  10. I love how streamlined it is! I hope the other one comes today!

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  12. How would you rate their comfort?

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