Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Toes! OPI 2012 Fall German Collection?

Well, it's fall, but it's not....

What does that mean?  It means I want something other than hot pink toes, but yet I'm still in flip flops.

I picked this color at the nail salon, and didn't know I'd love it so much.  I just really think it is the perfect in between summer and 'real' fall color.  So, what didn't I do?  Naturally, I forgot to look at the color name.  I know it was OPI and that's it.  UGH.  Nice one Shelli.

I looked online to see if I could find the color, as one of my friends said she thought it came from the fall 2012 German collection.  

I found this photo here at The Polish Aholic blog.  Do you think it might be one of these colors?  If not, I love them too.  

Have you guys been transitioning seasons with your nail and toe colors lately?  I'm so ready for the cooler weather.  We've had hints of it, but I'm ready for more than just the tease!

Happy Monday Folks!


  1. I love that color and now I must add it to my ever growing collection! I think it looks like Schnapps... Great choice at the salon lady! :) Kelley

  2. i have a similar color by essie called "in stitches" and it's perfect for this weird transition time, the pedicure ;)

  3. Love your toe color and your Tory Thora sandals! I'm obsessed with TB!!

  4. Ok, read your post earlier on my phone but didn't get a chance to comment. While out I HAD TO pick up some new OPI colors after reading it. I did pick up Schnapps and it does look like it.

  5. Gorgeous color , like a coral leaf ;))

  6. I know your a Home Goods Girl. They have a fun quiz to pin point your style, I have it up on my blog at

  7. That is a beautiful shade. I jumped from hot pink toes to a deep burgundy. I think I need to search for Schnapps!