Monday, September 24, 2012

Custom Shower Curtain For K's Big Girl Bathroom - SIGnature Creations

A little goody came in the mail over the weekend and I am in LOVE!

Goodies for K's Bathroom!

One of my UBER TALENTED friends from high school has a fun business SIGnature Creations and she makes the cutest clothes for kiddos, handbags, YOU name it, the girl can SEW with mad skills and can make anything! Including K's new custom shower curtain!  Isn't her packaging adorable?  I'm a sucker for packaging and it really is just a dose of how professional and how quality her work is....she doesn't miss a thing!  She prides herself in quality, and man does it show!

the cutest applique towels were a bonus from
SIGnature Creations- thank you Astrid!!!
(Did I mention she has triplets?  She's supermom!)

It's all coming together!  
(did I mention how hard it is to get a pic of a small bathroom?)  

Check out SIGnature Creations
to keep up with her gorgeous work!
(She does TONS of giveaways!!)


  1. Love how fun and vibrant it is!! Super cute space! Bet K loves it!

  2. HOW adorable is that - I love it! Where is the rug from?


  3. So so cute. I love the print and those towels. You always pick out the most adorable things for K! And your post about the bun was just precious! so exciting. :)

  4. Awe, thank you for the super cool blog post! I had so much fun making it with Andrea and if you ever need something else, you let me know!


  5. It looks beautiful! Love the rug, too!

  6. Just an idea for future- to emphasize the height of the ceilings, have a shower curtain made that is 1 foot below your ceiling height. If you have a 9 foot ceiling in the bathroom, have a shower curtain made that is 8 feet. Very dramatic and impressive. I had two of these made and I get TONS of compliments on them.

  7. Can you please share the name of the fabric for the shower curtain?