Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Silhouettes By Erik Johnson

Last week my mom and I took K to get her silhouette made by 3rd generation silhouette artist, Erik Johnson!

He literally cuts them in about 2 minutes and he is amazing!

Erik travels all over and is from Charlotte, NC.  You can also book him for events and parties (how fun is that?).  If you like his facebook page you can keep up with his travel schedule...

Erik came to an indoor play area in Brentwood/Franklin last week, and for $25 he snips his little surgical scissors into your child's beautiful silhouette!  

Here is k's silhouette, I think it came out just perfect!
(but I'm biased of course)

I was so busy trying to make sure k watched the video on his ipad so he could see her profile, I didn't get any pics of him cutting k's silhouette....boo
This is K after her session, playing...
but you can see her little profile in this pic =)

If I only had a silhouette from when I was little to put next to  k's sweet little frame....


  1. Oh, my goodness. It's precious. I love how it captures those sweet little whispy curls. What a treasure. I remember having ours done when we were little.

  2. That is so sweet. I like her eyelashes. I remember my sister and I having our silhouettes done as little girls at Disneyland.

  3. Awwww, that is precious!!!! I LOVE it! Wish I had known about this while he was hear (I'm in Nashville too), give a head's up next time! lol I'll have to check his facebook page to see when he'll be back in the area. PS - If you have a childhood photo that shows your profile well, he might be able to make you one using that as a reference!

  4. So sweet. We had our girls done when they were younger. I still treasure them til this day. And yes, as someone mentioned if you have a profile picture from when you were little they can work off of those as well!

  5. That is amazing! Such gorgeous silhouettes and something you'll treasure forever. And on another note...I didn't realize you were in Franklin/Brentwood. My husband's grandfather and other family are in Franklin. We have a BALL when we get the chance to come visit. Such a precious area!!