Thursday, August 30, 2012

Crushing On The Home Of Sally Wheat....

My savvy readers lead me to this gorgeous kitchen in the home of Sally Wheat.....I'm in love. 

Source for above photos

I think this cabinet color might be my choice as well:
Benjamin Moore Fieldstone

And just because it is so beautiful and my style, check these out..........

that chandelier!

those antique shutter doors!

source for above photos

*You can see more on Cote De Texas Blog
here, here and here
(make sure you check out the 3rd link as her style has totally transformed, very different but equally as beautiful)


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  2. Gah! So pretty. I LOVE a gray kitchen. Can't wait to follow along with you on this project. Will be so beautiful in your house.

  3. You should check out Sara's kitchen over at August Fields. She too was inspired by Sally's kitchen.

  4. It's gorgeous. I was too going to mention Sara's kitchen at August Fields. It's gorgeous!

  5. It'll be so fun to see your new cabinets and what shade of gray you decide on!

  6. Love this home, the kitchen is stunning!

  7. Only problem with this kitchen is that she must not live in earthquake country. Without cabinet doors, I'd be afraid that every piece of breakable china and glass would LEAP off the shelves and smash on the floor. Surely in anything above a 6.0. So, no door-less cabinets in my future. Ditto the plates on the wall. GREAT look, but not for those living 3 blocks from a VERY active quake fault.

  8. Love the vibe you're going for! Here are two inspiration posts I think you'll like: (via Layla Grace website). Also, here's a link to Jane Green's (author) house - kind of along the lines of what you've posted:

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