Thursday, August 23, 2012

Awesome Kitchen Before And After- Schreiner Painting Contractors

Wanna see a great kitchen before and after???
dark kitchen before

Gorgeous light kitchen after!
Don't the cabinets look awesome?  I loooove the grey!
(on a side note: I'm not a fan of items placed above the cabinets- I like clean and simple, but I thought it was funny that I can tell a lot of it is from PD's)

My college friend Jessica's dad is the amazing painter who refinished the kitchen cabinets
*Go like his facebook page to see more befores and afters coming soon!

The hubs gave the 'go ahead' on a kitchen refacing (including cabinet refinishing by Schreiner) in our home to lighten and brighten and make our kitchen island bigger and more functional.......
I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!  

I want a white and grey kitchen similar to the above pic, with maybe white quartz countertops, some carrera marble accents in the backsplash mixed with white subway tiles. 
I think the carrera tiles would make a great backsplash accent tile

the mixture of glass tiles and carrera marble are kinda cool

I would love to see some pics of gorgeous light kitchens, have you seen any lately?  Any on pinterest?  Your kitchen redo?  Bloggers that redid their kitchens and shared them?

Please email me links and pics or leave comments below!!!

Of course I will be blogging the process, 
I think it is going to be tons of fun!  
* here is my current kitchen


  1. Yay! Can't wait to follow your progress Shelli! Our house is not even two years old and I want so badly to redo our kitchen. We have beautiful cabinets, but they are so dark and the same granite as yours. Would love a white & gray combo kitchen. How exciting for you!

  2. I have been saving some images on my pinterest board. We are undergoing a kitchen redo in 2 weeks and am afraid to have our cabinets painted. They are maple and I just don't know if they would turn out well.

  3. We're in the middle of renovating right now. Our kitchen was half-way redone when we moved in so we don't want to completely redo it. Our contractor suggested taking out the boring island we have and putting in a new funky one to completely change the look!

  4. Ooooh...we just redid our master bathroom in gray and cream...gray walls, cream cabinets (think it would be awesome to have done this opposite--gray cabinets and cream walls), honed carrera countertops, and carrera subway tile backsplash. I found all sorts of AMAZING tiles online, but short of robbing a bank, they were WAAAAAAAYYYYY out of the budget. (It takes a surprising amount of square feet to tile backslashes!)

  5. IMO...I like your kitchen cabinets alot. I would change the backsplash though..not liking the gray at all. Sorry. Carrera is great stuff but high priced for sure. I find your kitchen much more appealing to my eyes than the other one.

  6. sorry I went back to look again and just realized that the first pic is not your actual kitchen..LOL BUT I still like the dark cabinets. I live here is Sotuhern CA and this is the hot look! YOU pay alot more money for this here...this is our business, we are general contractors of high end custom homes. 1 million to 10 million :]

  7. I could not agree more on "junk" on top of cabinets! Do not judge me, but fake plants & chickens above cabinets-eeek!

  8. My husband is a homebuilder and currently does a lot of high end custom. Light kitchens are the thing right now. They have a Facebook page - VTS Homes. Two of my favorites are featured there - one is new construction with a kitchen similar in size and style to the one you posted and one is a remodel that is AMAZING - the homeowner has impeccable taste. Be sure to check out the video of the remodel if you ever make it over to the FB page. It's my favorite thing my husband has ever paid for - I could watch it over and over. How design obsessed is that? Ha!

  9. What about using Mission tiles as your backsplash? I can email you pictures of our kitchen (we just bought this house so we didn't design it but it is stunning!) a turquoise island, Italian limestone countertops and the most beautiful mission tiles I've ever seen as the backsplash! I'm sure whatever you do will be lovely, Carrera always looks good!


  10. Check out my kitchen pins it is right up your alley! Congrats on the upcoming reno!

  11. hi....i live in nashville, hubby is a builder. saw this blog post on pinterest about counter tops that were an alternative to carrera. i love it but worry about the stain factor & real life (red wine).

    also....mission stone & tile in 100 oaks has great tile but can be pricey. they have an online store ( where prices are hugely discounted (check out sale section) & you can pick up directly at their store.

    good luck!

  12. We built last year and my cabinets are grey, white cracked subway tile backsplash and Carrera counter tops. I love love love it! Will send some pics :)

  13. Great before and after! I also love your choices for backsplash tile--you really can't go wrong with Carrera marble. For more inspiration on a gray and white color scheme (with a healthy dose of Carrera!), I just posted a recent project I completed--check it out here:

    Hope it gives you some points of inspiration. Have a great weekend!

  14. wow~ looks amazing!! i really love the new gray color! id go with marble for the blacksplash tiles. xo

  15. Fun, Shelli! I don't think I had seen your kitchen before so I had to take a look. It's beautiful, but I see you have been bit by the light cabinet bug too with lighter countertops and backsplash. Me too! Currently doing my kitchen right now & granite folks will be out tomorrow. I'm going all light & bright too & can't wait to see it all come together. Love the marble backsplashes I'm seeing all over, but right now that is out of my budget, so I'll be going with cream subway tile and Kashmir White granite. I know I'm going to love it too.

    Best to you on your kitchen remodel, this will be fun to watch!

  16. Wow! Your kitchen looks really good. It pays to hire someone who offers quality services. Thanks for sharing this!