Thursday, July 12, 2012

roots & wings photo shoot!

One of the moms that I love from Kendall's Mothers Day Out program has the cutest shop on Etsy, Roots and Wings.  

A few months ago, she asked if K would model a few of her creations for her shop fun!

K thoroughly enjoyed getting her make up applied....

but of course she turned the brush around....

The above photographs are from my iphone and the gorgeous photographs below are from 

This is K with the shop owner's little girl, Harper!
How sweet are these two girls?!

Kendall is in LOVE with her tutus and will wear them every time she gets the chance!!!  They are truly dreamy!
Shannon does custom gorgeousness, click here for her shop!


  1. What a PRECIOUS photo shoot! Will make sure to remember her Etsy shop for someday in the future when I have a little one ;)

  2. Looks like so much fun for the girls! I love when our kids get to take these kind of pictures for us mommies to enjoy!

  3. So so darling! How fun. I love the photo of K trying to do your makeup.

  4. Yay! Shannon is one of my friends. She is incredibly talented and creative! :)

  5. G L A M O R O U S....

    yeah she is your daughter, where else would that beauty come from? Its great that it is for such a great cause too! Beautiful & philanthropic, pretty fabulous qualities :)

  6. I have no words for how precious those are. . . such artwork. Wonderful cause.

  7. How stinking adorable is that!!?? K is beautiful! and I love your new peacock chairs!!