Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nursery Inspiration- Sources and Blogs To Help You Design A StylishNursery!

I was doing a nursery design for one of my clients and she sent these inspiration photos to me and I love them all!  Unfortunately I have no solid sources on two of these gorgeous rooms, so if you know where either of them came from, PLEASE share with me so I can give the appropriate credit!!  

I see this nursery was featured on Chic and Cheap Nursery, but does anyone know the original source?

and have you seen these cute gliders from Carousel designs?  This is a great site for custom bedding, lamp shades, gliders, etc.....

*Chic Spaces for Little Faces  and Cheap and Chic Nursery blogs are both a great resource for nursery inspiration

*more nursery inspiration for you in this post
*Design Chic
*Abode Love
*Magnolia Lane
*Emerson's Nursery


  1. The last nursery source can be found here! http://www.cape27blog.com/category/our-first-house/nursery-2/ I love it also!!!

  2. Those are some gorgeous nurseries. I love the fabric on the curtains and ottoman especially.

  3. I have always been a fan of the first nursery you featured...love the grey with pops of fuchsia. Interscene designed the room so you definitely have the correct credit there.

  4. Really cute designs so lovely~~

  5. beautiful rooms! i really love the giant poof in the first photos and then one with the colorful paisley bedding.