Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kevin Moser- Hair Extraodinaire

Yesterday was a tough day.  While I did get my hair cut and make up done, it was for the memorial service of my dear friend of 13 years, Kevin Moser.  

I took this while I was waiting to pick up my friend, Brian from The Mother Barry (we were all friends).  Thank you to Karen at Private Edition here in Nashville for a great job on my make up, she does great work (It was all Trish McEvoy, my favorite).

I just couldn't really muster up a smile. 
(and you guys know I HATE taking pictures of myself)
Kevin was also my hair stylist.  He was the blonde master.  One of his best friends, who also went to work for Kevin at his salon, Lewis Hunley, did my color for Kevin's memorial.  Christina McClish does my cuts and blow outs and she is amazing.  Kevin's team is fabulous and I know they are all hurting right now.

This was his chair at his brand new GORGEOUS salon of 6 months, Element Salon.  It was extremely hard to be in the salon and not in his chair.

The memorial was just so beautiful and the flowers were stunning- I love EVERYTHING The Tulip Tree creates.

Kevin and his partner Scott were one of our favorite couples to do dinner and double dates with....and I miss my friend so very much.  My thoughts have been consumed with Scott lately and my heart is breaking for his loss. 
I love you Scott.  

Kevin was a light, a kind soul that also made you laugh.  He took risks on people, wanted others to succeed. He impacted many lives, including mine.  I will miss him dearly.  
Life is short, enjoy every moment.


  1. Sorry to hear about this loss. You're in my prayers.

  2. I'm so sorry about your dear friend Shelli. My thoughts and prayers are with you and of course Kevin's partner, Scott.

  3. thinking about you...that is just too sad- hang in there sweetie

  4. Shelli, I'm so sorry to hear this. Life is too short, that is definitely true. The best tribute is to just live and enjoy life to its fullest, but of course its sad to have to endure such a reminder. Hang in there....

  5. So sorry to hear about your dear friend's departure, hair stylists are so much more to us, we share things with them that we don't even tell our family.

  6. Adding my sympathy to many others at your very sad loss and that of his partner, Scott. You looked beautiful for his memorial; I'm sure he would have approved! Sending an e-hug...
    x KL

  7. I'm so sad to hear you've lost a good friend, Shelli. Prayers for your comfort.