Monday, July 16, 2012

Dining Chair Dilemma Part 2

Well, if you read this post, you know I am in a dining chair dilemma.  I didn't have any luck at HomeGoods this weekend (well, in that dining chair dept anyway, ha) so I started looking at some of the places you guys suggested!

I did find some chairs that I thought were fun 
and would work!
$541 each (eek!)
*I loooooove this chair, 
but alas it is nowhere near my budget. 
Back to reality....

$169 each

$149 each

I didn't love any of them enough to pull the trigger.
And as much as I love these x back chairs in this picture, they are not very sturdy or comfortable...

I originally had 4 of these filigree dining chairs from Potterybarn, but one was 'lost' in the move from Atlanta to Nashvegas...(now I have 2 in the breakfast room and 1 in the walk in storage)

I moved 3 of the filigree dining chairs into the dining room to see what they would look like....

A closer shot of the filigree chairs...
(now I gotta go get some greenery to stick in those vintage wine carboys- is that what they are called?)

My issue with the French Side Chair is that if I put them in this room then I need to immediately change out my buffet and a few other furnishings as well.....

I do like the Amber Walter Ikat Side Chair, but I'm more drawn to blues and just didn't know if it would be a look that I would LOVE....make any sense?

I thought I would wait a bit and see if I could actually find  a few of these chairs...
sigh.....I hope I run across them soon!


  1. Oh I love the filigree chairs. They look wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  2. I saw those last chairs at World Market a few months ago...what are they doing at Home Goods now?! I used them in a design board for a client...just checked the website and dont see them in that fabric. Might be a good idea to check out the store...good luck!

  3. I liked the Ikat chairs, but totally agree that blue tones would work best. Maybe I am biased because I always tend to be drawn to blues, too! Good luck with the hunt! :)

  4. I saw the blue chair at World Market maybe 3 weeks ago on sale. I really liked them, too!

  5. I know you will find something perfect in time. Those ikat chairs are great!

  6. I got ghost them! They go with everything! I put them at the end of my table. Good luck!

  7. Have you looked at One Kings Lane lately? They have a TON of chairs right now priced so well, I've been looking there myself!


  8. I hate chair dilemmas, especially when you can't find that just perfect thing. I'm like that with the family room right now. You'll have to check out our new house and tour. I decided to be patient (ha!) and just slowly look.... OKL is a great resource. But, you better be sure because rarely can you return items, unless it's a rug or pillow.

  9. Im so glad i ran across this post, im about to purchase the Madeline chairs from Restoration Hardware, which look similar to the X back chairs at your table now. Are they comfy enough to sit and eat dinner? Are they flimsy? Would they hold a man as opposed to a woman? I'd be ordering 6 to go with my Grand Baulister table from RH as well... I really hate chair dilemmas...

  10. Yes, I call them "peacock" chairs are originally from world market, in the early spring. I know, because I am the proud owner of 2 of them! I think they were called "feather".

  11. You really do love the peacock chairs. Sooooo get the chairs that you love don't settle. Those beautiful blue chairs will be on your mind forever. Check Marshalls and TJ Maxx as well all the HomeGoods in your area. This world is too big and there is more than two of those chairs. Also find out the manufactuer and inquire about other stores that may have them.

  12. I think I like the french side chairs best. I'm in a similar dilemma right now and I feel your pain!

  13. Where did you find those vintage wine demijohns/carboys? I have been looking for some!!

  14. I love love love the filagree dining chairs, if you do not wish to use them I would love to buy them from you! :)