Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Fun!!

So sorry to be MIA last week, but when K is not at Mothers Day Out, then life gets a little crazy.  
.....aaaand it's Monday again so thank goodness for this!

Last week K and I spent a lot of time at the club pool.
K loves her floatie suits, rafts (she calls them boats) and playing with the other kids!

The only problem we seem to have is 'break' time, the 15 minutes that the lifeguard leaves the stand and the kiddos have to vacate the pool or stay on the we supplement that time with a lot of snacks....dippin' dots are her current favorite (I remember eating those in college and thought they were the coolest thing around!)

We often have dinner at the club pool as well because, hey, it SUMMER!  (and its easier on mom too)

When k gets her hair washed she likes to wear a 'hat' like momma wears!  Pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.  
(I was interrupting Little Einsteins to take this pic if you can't tell, ha!)

In other news, K started her summer Mothers Day Out program today and she was SOOOOO excited this morning!!!  Daddy drove her and when I was trying to say goodbye she kept saying "go momma! go momma!"  because she wanted me to go back inside so she could go with Daddy to school!  *sniff sniff*

Daddy could barely get a pic today, almost 2 1/2 years old

Here she is last year, 16 months old!  
I can't believe this was a year ago that I dropped her off at this very summer program and bawled my eyes out in the parking lot because she was crying for me when I left the room.`


  1. So sweet. Looks like so much fun. I am all about the dinners at the pool or outside. . just said to my hubby last night that it makes my life so much easier.

  2. Where'd ya get the cute little life jacket?!!?? Adorable!

  3. baby k's eyelashes? i am so jealous! would you mind sharing where you got (or the brand of) her cute pink towel/hair wrap? thanks!

  4. we are looking into mother's day out once caroline turns 1...let me know if you have any good recs on programs in the brentwood/green hills area!!

  5. So cute! I am in the midst of vbs with 14, 2-3 year olds!! Fun times.

  6. Yay for summer, pool time, Keurigs and cute little girls! :-) I heart summer!

  7. K is so adorable Shelli! And that cute pnk hat! Her eyelashes are amazing. Love outdoor dining! Hope you have a great week.

  8. soo sweet! I give u major props on how well you juggle everything! Not to mention crossfit, impressed lady. Enjoy the pool :) & in my book snacks (especially ice cream) solves everything!

  9. So sweet! Little K has grown so much in the last year. Yay for dinners at the pool!! :)