Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Progress on K's Big Girl Room.....

I hope to have k's big girl room finished in a few weeks! 

(excuse naked bed, bedding arriving soon!)

Look what I picked up from the framer yesterday!  Not to mention, the chevron shade arrived and the drapery panels if you can excuse the naked bed, the bedding should be arriving any day now excited that it is finally coming together.  --which reminds me, I need to get her little slipper chair reupholstered....always something, right?  

(the mirror is hung a little high because for a little while longer this dresser will have a changing pad on top...until we are potty trained!)

ps- you can order the french carousel photograph here

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Monogram LOVE

Lookie what I found for k's bathroom....I am in LOVE.  I ordered mine last week, so this is a pic from her etsy shop.

You can buy a set of hand towels, or a full set of bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths!  I ordered the full set for k's bathroom- how fun are the Lilly Pulitzer fabrics?  She has a ton for you to choose from and I asked her to focus on oranges and pinks for my order.  

I also have some other gorgeous towels up my sleeve for this room and will show those to you soon!  

I think these towels will be a great addition to the mix, 
what do you think?

Progress update- I am still waiting on the art framing, duvet and shams and the bathroom shower curtain and towels and then I think we will be good to go!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Gothic Staircase Detail

I was flipping through the pages of the June/July issue of Traditional Home magazine and found this staircase-- I am in love with it!  I have not seen a railing with a nod to Gothic architecture and it is is gorgeous!  

(warning: crappy iphone pics ahead)
We plan to build our next home and you can bet your boots I'll be incorporating this look.  

(the dental molding and coffered ceiling aren't too shabby either, right? such gorgeous detail)

It was incorporated into the exterior design of this East Hampton home as well.  Love!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Boring To Better! The Back Hallway

I added a gallery of frames to one of the back hallways in our home.  I think they were a pretty good find at HomeGoods for $19.99 each!  I bought the four that they had, if they had had more of them, I would have snatched them up too!

I like the mix of the gray and ivory wood frames

This was a tough hallway to get a good shot!

The frames fit an 11x14 size photograph, so I cannot wait to find photos and have them printed for them!
All in all, I think this $80 investment made a pretty large impact on a boring back hallway.  What do you think?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Anniversary To Us!

Hey guys!!  Sorry to be MIA, but my husband surprised me with a trip to Punta Mita, Mexico for our 3 year anniversary!  We had a ball and have just returned, so I'm knee deep in laundry and kissing my sweet little girl that we missed so much!  I took lots of pics so I will be sharing later in the week! I've missed you guys!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lovin' Lelli Kelly!!

How sweet are these Lelli Kelly Shoes?
These are from their zoo collection!
I happened upon them at a little children's boutique in Franklin, TN called Little Cottage (cutest store!)

KK was excited to wear them to MDO today!
(her sweater set is Bella Bliss and shorts are JCrewcuts)

We had to have this pair as well.....
(shorts are Little English)

I love the beading detail and the fact that they are velcro...
good 'ol velcro....right? ha

Lelli Kelly is a european brand and sometimes pricey for shipping, but if you can find them at a local boutique that helps a lot.  I also saw them at Nordstroms as well!

Sometimes you can find a cute pair on ebay NWT 
for a pretty good price!
We scored these little lemon cuties on ebay last week!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Fun!!

So sorry to be MIA last week, but when K is not at Mothers Day Out, then life gets a little crazy.  
.....aaaand it's Monday again so thank goodness for this!

Last week K and I spent a lot of time at the club pool.
K loves her floatie suits, rafts (she calls them boats) and playing with the other kids!

The only problem we seem to have is 'break' time, the 15 minutes that the lifeguard leaves the stand and the kiddos have to vacate the pool or stay on the we supplement that time with a lot of snacks....dippin' dots are her current favorite (I remember eating those in college and thought they were the coolest thing around!)

We often have dinner at the club pool as well because, hey, it SUMMER!  (and its easier on mom too)

When k gets her hair washed she likes to wear a 'hat' like momma wears!  Pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.  
(I was interrupting Little Einsteins to take this pic if you can't tell, ha!)

In other news, K started her summer Mothers Day Out program today and she was SOOOOO excited this morning!!!  Daddy drove her and when I was trying to say goodbye she kept saying "go momma! go momma!"  because she wanted me to go back inside so she could go with Daddy to school!  *sniff sniff*

Daddy could barely get a pic today, almost 2 1/2 years old

Here she is last year, 16 months old!  
I can't believe this was a year ago that I dropped her off at this very summer program and bawled my eyes out in the parking lot because she was crying for me when I left the room.`

Monday, June 4, 2012

Custom Woodblock Print Pillows!

How cute is this block printed pillow I had made on etsy?
I love him!

will be a cute addition to k's room I think!

I bought him here

Laura can make whatever you like!
Her price point is SPOT ON- a great deal!
She's super sweet and does a great job!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Living Room Switcheroo Take Two!

Man, I love it when you guys give me feedback!  I am in a lull with my living room and after yesterday's post, I received lots of good ideas!  You guys suggested that I take out all of the turquoise and then add back in.  So here's how it went....

I took out all of the turquoise and then added back in the lamps and the garden stools.  

I also added in a few neutral accessories.

I also added in a cpl of ivory vases to the mantle to add some height
Then I did a pillow switch around....

I put the chaing mai pillows back on the striped chairs.

I found an orange tray and a an orange foo dog upstairs in the closet that I thought might bring out the orange in the chaing mai pillows (per your suggestions!!!)
(I have a few closets that are like stores, don't judge)

Here is a close up of the new orange additions....
Which look do you like better?
Any more suggestions for the living room???