Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shadow Boxes For A Steal!

I found these cute shadowboxes at Homegoods for $19.99 each and decided they were perfect for k's big girl room...

I filled them with her little bloomers and sun hat (that don't fit any longer, boo) from when she was a baby.  They are from Rikshaw Design and you knooooow how much I love me some Rikshaw ( see here and here)!!  

You likey?
I think they will look great in here (I hope, ha)


  1. So so darling! Love Rishaw Design - can't wait to see the big girl room reveal! LOVE your blog!

  2. I have been looking for some cute shadow boxes for framing wedding memorabilia! I will check my homegoods to see if they have those. Thanks!!

  3. Super precious. I love the idea of shadow boxes. I have a little swimsuit of riley's hanging but I should put it in a shadow box.

  4. I love those shadow boxes. I have been on the hunt for some larger ones to do something similar for my little one's room. I just don't like the $50 price tag that comes with them. Did you find them at the one in Brentwood or Mt. Juliet?

  5. Beautiful, I love shadow boxes! I picked up 3, one for each child, last time I was at Michaels with a great sale and coupons. I'm planning to display the "coming home outfits" my children wore as newborns.

  6. What a great idea! I love shadow boxes, I bought mine from IKEA a couple of months ago!
    Have a lovely day Shelli!


  7. How adorable. I love this idea. I have a teeny hand knit sweater my mom made me when I was a baby. I should put it in a shadow box. I treasure my little sweater.

  8. I can spend hours in Homegoods! I love a good come up from there :) Like the shadowboxes. I need something similar, but spray painted gold. I'll have to make a Homegoods stop this weekend.... :)

    Quiet Luxury