Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cutest $10 Necklaces! Day Old Tee

Um, how cute are these upcycled tee shirt necklaces???
They are $10!  

My friend Mandi showed up yesterday wearing one and I instantly wanted to steal it. 
Mandi's looked like this

So, to save our friendship and avoid jail time, I bought two of my own.  Ha.

I bought these two shown above.

I also want this one

and this one.  *sigh*

Mandi had hers on with a black knit casual dress and it looked so cute!  Its a fun way to fancy up a casual outfit for summer.  Love!
You can buy them on etsy here


  1. What a great idea! Very unique and fun.

  2. So cute! I'm gonna get turq. one too....

  3. Oh what a fun way to add color but still pull off a casual chic look!