Monday, May 14, 2012

Chic Toddler Beds

While searching ebay for a client, I came across these pics of Restoration Hardware toddler beds for sale in NYC.  I just thought the photos were really cool and I wanted to share them! 

How fun are the initial prints on the footboard?  
And the botanicals on the window sill?
Oh, and the cool buildings as the view?

This is def NOT a sight we would see here in Tennessee,
fun for NYC right?
*You can buy the Restoration Hardware Tate Toddler Bed


  1. Definitely a different way of growing up from down here in the south.

  2. That's an amazing kids room! Loving the kids beds. The view of buildings like that is definitely something you don't see here in FL either.

  3. Such a fun view! I love the huge windows - so unexpected in a toddler's room.

  4. Wow! Being a Jersey girl originally before being transplanted here in Nashville, I'd have killed for an NYC apartment with that kind of view! ;) I've never seen toddler beds like that before - too cute! They would look adorable in my twin girls' room.

  5. I live in NYC. My apartment isn't so chic...but it is funny to be reminded of how "different " NYC is from other places. My kids don't know anything different - elevators, apartments, and Central Park playgrounds are all part of our daily life. You should see my 2 year old hail a taxi or talk about transferring subways!!!

  6. I love how they did the prints on the footboard! so cute

  7. Love these beds. I pretty much love anything at Restoration Hardware!