Monday, April 16, 2012

Jellycat And Little Giraffe Luxe Goodness!!

Happy Monday Folks!

Easter Brunch at the club

sorting through her loot at the egg hunt the day before

I'm a little late on the Easter Basket sharing front, so here is the basket I put together for K.  It is basically goodies that I have collected over the past few months.  This isn't her real Easter basket, but I 'collected' a little too much, so I had to use the same basket I used for her Valentine goodies.  I think it held diapers back in the day in K's baby nursery..sniff sniff.
Anyone wanna guess what K's FAV was in the basket?  Oh yeah, it was the $.97 necklace and bracelet that I randomly picked up at the grocery store one day.  Sigh.

As for the bunnies, have you guys seen the Jellycat stuffed animals????  They are HEAVENLY.  SOOOOOO SOFT!!!  They are made out of the same luxe material as the Little Giraffe luxe Blankets if you are familiar (another one of my baby faves).  

(you can see the beginnings of k's nursery transformation here...sniff sniff)

I bought this momma and baby bunny at Little Cottage locally in Franklin, but have seen them in several boutiques around town.  The momma bunny is huge and K is in LOVE with her!!  K has a giraffe and a pink pig as well (I think they are all the medium size).  She LOVES them and I love that they are so sweet and soft in the crib with her!  

Here are K's Little Giraffe luxe blankets and pillow!  She sleeps with them every night- I wish I had one my size!

She has the actual Little Giraffe too, and he is adorable!
These are all of my 2 year old's crib mates, lol!

*You can buy the jellycats and the Little Giraffe Blankets at amazon as well!

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  1. I love Jellycat...those bunnies are so cute!

  2. THREE kids at our house=THREE Little Giraffe Blankets! They are the best!

  3. She is just such a cutie pie! I adore those jellycat stuffed animals, but for some reason my little girl is FREAKED out by the cat she got as a gift :( So sad, because he's so cute and soft!

  4. So cute! All of the kids I have nannied have jellycat bunnies & little giraffe blankets - they are by far my favorite. I'm almost tempted to buy one of the bigger throws/blanket for myself they're just so cozy :)

  5. Love Love Love JellyCat! We have made it an unofficial rule in our house to only buy JellyCat because we love them so much. Colin has a "Gog" which we got when he was born, and they have discontinued it. We were concerned about losing it, but of course, I picked up a cheapo stuffed dog at Ikea one time to keep him happy while we shopped and that has usurped Gog's spot, even taking his name! Kids..... ;)

  6. Love JellyCat! Huge fan when a friend has a new baby. How funny. . . just read the above and my son got attached to the cheapo Ikea dog as well! Darling Easter basket. You have one lucky little egg {oh, and mine always love the random last minute finds as well. Go figure}.