Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Emi- Jay Hair Ties And A Knock Off!

Have ya'll tried these hair ties?
The originals are made by Emi-Jay
These pictured are at a local boutique here in Brentwood 
called Hot Pink, CUTE stuff.
Supposedly they don't leave a hair dent and you can wear them as a bracelet if you are like me and HAVE to have a hair band near by at ALL times.  

 I think they are quite cute 
but kinda pricey for what they are....agree?
The metallic ones are my FAVORITE!!!
I found this shop on ebay for some knock offs. These 8th graders created "CARE Bands" and 100% of the sale goes to support Morris Habitat For Humanity!  Nice! a MUCH better price! 
(more like $1 each instead of $3 with FREE shipping)

um, why doesn't my hair look this cute?
oh yeah, because I'm lucky to get it washed some days...
but...the cute bright hair ties detract from my dirty hair!
(in my mind anyway, ha)


  1. I have about 50 of them and love them. But found them for about 30 cents each... of course I can't find the site right now!

  2. Brooke- PLEASE SHARE if you remember!!! xoxo

  3. I love these and have a few myself. I was shopping for my daughter at Target the other day and they have them in neon colors in a six pack I believe! They're over in the big girl's section with the new headbands and clips and jewelry:) I think they're between four or five dollars for the pack!

  4. I want some of these. I hate the dents regular bands leave in my hair. I also wear my hair bands in my wrist as a bracelet so at least I am not alone in that!

    I love Hot Pink! I could just move in. It doesn't hurt that they are next to Puffy Muffin cause I can move in there too!

  5. I have a ton of them too, and can't live with out them! My hair is always in a pony since I have a 7 mo. old that always wants to pull it! I picked mine up from this etsy shop:

  6. I love those ties and I always have one on my wrist as well. They are so cute!

  7. Sephora makes their own, too.

  8. I have a friend who bought the ones off of ebay and she HATES them compared to EmiJay. The ones from ebay don't have enough give in them so they wont go around and hold hair as well as EmiJay.

  9. Jessica O'SullivanMay 2, 2012 at 2:40 PM

    Flipped Bird sells these stretchy hair ties in a cute flower jar. Better packaging and better price. Seen them at a few boutiques near me. I think they are on-line too.

  10. I tried these and found some new ones with colors and textures that other companies don't have. They're here at