Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Before And After I Needed To See......

My friend Michelle (from college) shared her friend Stephanie's story with the 90 day challenge with me last week because I need a little extra push of motivation to stick with the shakes.  I have been pretty good about having one for breakfast, but really want to push myself to 2 shakes per day.  The one week that I was diligent and stuck to 2 shakes per day I had so much energy and felt so good!  WHY SHELLI????  I mean, hello, you would think this would make me stick to the program!  I was so inspired by Stephanie's story that I wanted to share it with you!  I mean, who doesn't like a good before and after picture, and one day, I hope to share mine with you (I might need wine for that, lol).

Stephanie Before The Shakes 

Hello my name is Stephanie Gandolph and I just wanted to give my personal story how Visalus has blessed my family physically and financially! My husband, Donnie, was deployed to Iraq in November of 2010.  This was his 3rd deployment ,but our first one with kids. After he left I became super depressed and gained a lot of weight and lost motivation to do anything. I was left at home with an 8 month old and a 3 year old, so being depressed for very long was not an option! Last February I finally snapped out of it. I started trying to lose weight and live my life one step at a time, which was super hard to do without my husband! I lost 40 pounds on my own by watching calories and exercising. People were saying I looked good but I was not feeling good! I was hungry all the time and getting migraines! I then signed up on October 28 to do the shakes and be a promoter. I signed up without my husband knowing because I never knew the next time I would talk to him... just reading and hearing about the product got me excited and ready to go! I started doing two shakes a day and immediately noticed how much better I felt and I wasn't feeling 'hungry. ' After working super hard for 8 months and losing 40 pounds on my own I was ready to get my last 25-30 off. A month and a half after being on the shakes I did it! I lost 27 pounds and have kept it off for the first time in my life! So that my physical story, my financial story is just as wonderful! 

My husband was promised a job when he got home. He even arrived home early so he could start this job! Two days before he was scheduled to start, he was informed that the funding didn't go through- that job was no longer open. We freaked out to say the least! We decided to both take on Visalus as a team! We worked hard and less than 5 months later we hit ambassador ($12,000 plus per month), a huge accomplishment!!!! We are now both job optional and love the fact that we r making a wonderful living while helping people change their lives for the better. I have always said God has a purpose for all of us and everything happens for a reason. In my situation, that has shown to be 100 percent true! He has blessed us in so many ways! Thanks to him we can both continue to do the best job in the world!

Stephanie After the Shakes (6 weeks)

Yep, that's what I needed to see!
Thanks Stephanie!


  1. Stephanie's story can resonate with so many people. She is truly a great motivator for everyone. If she can do it, so can we! Thanks for sharing Shelli!

  2. I was with Stephanie yesterday, and heard her story again. Body by Vi has TRULY changed her and her families lives, in a matter of just a few months. AWESOME!!

  3. Oh, that is motivating! I have never heard of this program.

  4. Such an inspiring & motivational story ! x

    Indie by Heart

  5. She looks great and I hate to ask but is this for real???

  6. that's a great motivational story, but I don't think she developed that toned stomach and legs by just drinking a shake. People need to know you have to add working out to the mix for results like that. It seems a little misleading. sorry to be a debbie downer but I lost weight the old fashion way. watching what I ate and working out 5 to 6 days a week with losing 1 to 1 1/2 lb a week. i feel the faster you lose it the quicker you gain it back.

  7. Haha I went to high school with this girl she is probably the dumbest person I've ever known.

    Looks good though