Monday, March 12, 2012

Monogramming Fail- Hooded Towel For K

I try really hard to find cute things for a deal, and then monogram them myself to make them personalized for K.  

Sometimes I feel like a monogramming rock star, and things come out really CUTE!  See here , herehere here  and here for some that I am proud of..... (it makes me feel better to look at some of my projects that actually worked out, ha)

I bought this cute little hooded towel at Costco to monogram for K for our upcoming beach trip.

It started out juuuuuuust fine.

...and then it hit a snag.  Out of nowhere.  For no reason.
Lovely.  When I cut the thread from bobbin, 
it cut a hole in my new towel.  uuuuuuuuugh.
Momma NOT happy. 

I hear this happens randomly with every brand of monogramming machine.  That didn't really make me feel better.  At.  All.  Now I feel like I wasted money on the towel, not to mention, my TIME.  

So, I decided to re group and tackle another project.

time for a little COLOR!
We also ripped up all of the red plum bushes
and replaced them with english laurels.
Ok, hubs did that part.  I oversaw the project.
And planted pretty annuals with color.

Did you have a good weekend?


  1. awwwww - maybe you can find someone named Ken and give it as a wash cloth ;)

  2. That sucks! But I love the above idea of giving it as a wash cloth to a Ken. Hahahaha! :)

  3. Bummer! Your other stuff is so cute though!! Love your flowers - I love planting new Spring flowers!

  4. I think you could just take a few stitches by hand and repair that little hole. I think that little hooded cape is so sweet, Shelli! Your flowers look pretty and perfect for spring. I did some gardening this weekend, too. It makes me so happy to walk in the garden and see colorful flowers. I love that big white pot you have.

  5. I have a monogramming machine too and was selling stuff on etsy and ebay, but I would get soooo frustrated when things wouldn't work out as planned. It wasn't worth the frustration to make a few dollars. Now, I just make things for my kids, home, and gifts. P.S. I've had that exact same thing happen!

  6. I just bought a new machine and I was given the advice to put the sticky stabilizer sticky-side-up in my hoop and lay the towel on TOP of the stabilizer. The towel doesn't actually go into the hoop, just lays over the top. Makes it much easier than trying to get a bulky towel to fit into the hoop and no worries about anything catching underneath. Might give it a try next time you work on a towel. Let me know it if works.