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Michelle Bell's Story- Shake It Off Challenge

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I have gotten lots of emails regarding promoting the Shake It Off -90 Day Challenge, lots of mommies looking to find a way to stay home, some that have lost their jobs in this economy, some looking for a way to make extra income, and some that need an answer to I asked my friend from college, Michelle, to share her story with you!  I hope this helps you! Email me if you have more questions =)  
Hi a' lamoders!  My name is Michelle Bell, and I have been with Visalus Sciences, promoting the 90 Day Challenge for the past 4 months, and what an amazing and unexpected 4 months it has been.
Prior to this, I was in Sales Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 11 years.  Because I was in sales, I was constantly approached by multi-level companies wanting me to help promote their services and or products.  Honestly, I never entertained even listening to the opportunity, and quite frankly ran the other direction.   This was mainly due to the fact that I had known people, and had heard stories of how people had been burned or made bad investments in these type of companies.
After leaving the pharmaceutical industry 2 years ago, I went on to pursue my passion of health and fitness.  Even though I took a HUGE pay cut, it allowed me to stay home with my family and my boys, who are young and very active.  Over the past two years, I have been a group fitness instructor, and a personal fitness trainer.  I teach and train at two different gyms, and thoroughly love being able to help and encourage others through their health and fitness.

Last October, one of the clients in our gym came in talking about these shakes that had helped her lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, and said they tasted like “cake mix.”  The other trainers, and I became curious.  We looked into the shakes ourselves, and decided to try them.  That was the first time I had EVER had a shake as a meal replacement, but wanted to see what I thought, knowing it could potentially help so many people.
My husband and I tried the shake for 1 meal a day for 3 days.  We both loved them, and so did our boys.  They tasted great, we noticed an increase in our energy, and after 3 days, I lost 3 ½ lbs and my husband lost 4.  I was sold, and was ready to go to GNC…or wherever to buy them the shakes for my family.
At that point, the other trainers and I learned that you had to buy from a distributor, or become one.  “OH NO!!!  I don’t do things like this!!!  And, I am SKEPTICAL about these kind of companies.”  I was torn.  I loved the product first and foremost, but wasn’t looking into getting into something like this.  I just wanted to have something to offer people who were looking to lose weight, and improve their health and nutrition.  After a few days of thinking and praying about it, I decided to go ahead and become a distributor.  Honestly, I just hoped to eventually earn my small $1,000 investment back, (there is a $499 option too) while helping people with their health.

My first two months, I had many customers and a couple of promoters under me, but I still was a little skeptical.  I LOVED the product, but I needed that same passion for the company.  I needed Visalus to prove itself to me, and see for myself that it truly was different from other companies out there.  I didn’t want to involve my friends and family in something that ended up being a bad decision. 
After two months in the company, learning more about it, and watching how other people from my gym had grown their business, earned the company BMW, and were making thousands per month….I finally had the confidence behind the company that I needed.
Beginning January 1st, I really started to promote this company and this product.  I am passionate about the way that this product and company are changing people’s lives in so many ways, and I wanted to let people know about it.  After 3 ½ weeks, I was promoted to Regional Director which earned me the company BMW.  And, in January alone, I earned enough commission to pay for our family Spring Break Ski Trip.
In February, my team continued to grow, along with my paychecks.   I was promoted to National Director in the company. Three other people on my team went on to earn the BMW, as they watched their paychecks grow, as well.
Now, as we are into March, everyday is exciting to see the team that is growing under me.  I am on track to be promoted to Presidential Director this month.

I have heard countless stories from our customers of how the 90 Day Challenge with Body by Vi is helping people lose weight, shape up, feel more energy, and is improving their overall nutrition.  In addition, it is such an added blessing to see the way that the company is adding to the financial health of families all over.  I was the poster child of SKEPTICISM, and I am a believer now!!  In a matter of just a few months, I am now able to contribute so much more to our family’s finances, which was never my intention when I joined Visalus.  It has absolutely taken off. 
Body by Vi is the #1 Weight loss and Nutrition Challenge on the Market. It is also the #1 Home based Business, which will be the first multi-level company to reach 1 billion in sales.  It is because the product tastes great, it is affordable, it is easy and it works!!!
In the fast paced, busy lifestyle that we have, it is so nice to have an opportunity to have a business where I don’t have to buy inventory, I don’t take orders, I don’t make deliveries, I don’t take money…..all I do is tell people about the Challenge and make shakes for people.  My website does the rest.  EASY!!!
We have been so blessed to see the improvement in our family’s health, in our family’s wealth, and in the ways that we have been able to help so many other people.

Best wishes to your health, and Happy Shake Makin’! 

Michelle Bell

*Thank you so much to Michelle for sharing your story with my readers! If anyone has more questions, Michelle is happy to chat with you on the phone, just email me at and I will hook you up!
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  1. Thanks for the great post Michelle! That is quite a motivating story. I am so excited about these shakes. Let's get many more to join us!

  2. Shelli, thanks for sharing your friend's post. I have never been a shake person, but was introduced to these a couple of months ago, and I don't go a day without one. I love them! They really do taste like cake batter. The reason I have one everyday is to be sure I am getting good nutrition!

  3. Great Post! Congrats Michelle and ALL to your success...Just got the shakes this week and LOVE them...excited to see what happens after 90 days!

  4. just got my shakes in yesterday. Can't wait to see my body transform...especially since the weather is warming up!! These shakes will sell themselves. They taste just like cake batter! Who doesn't like cake batter??? ha!

  5. Thanks for sharing this! My husband and I just started the challenge. He's lost 7 pounds in 4 days and I've lost 3. (not fair!! :) ) .... but we LOVE the shakes. We feel great after drinking them and I actually look forward to drinking them every day. When have you ever said you "look forward" to a health program where you lose weight?? Not me!!