Friday, March 2, 2012

Lalaloopsy Play House For A Steal and The Zoo !!!

Yesterday was the most GORGEOUS weather EVER!!
So, K and I went to the zoo after Mother's Day Out!

This lasted for about 2 seconds.  

She quickly realized that she could do this....

and this....

Mommy also found K a treat at Walmart for half off!
Not too shabby for $84.90! You can still get one at this price on their website!

and St. John put it together!

She kept saying "KK's house!"  So stinkin' cute.  

and it came with a Lalaloopsy doll so she loooooved that too.

I was really excited because I made this!
Crockpot White Chicken Chili
My FAV so far actually!!  
I'll share the recipe on Monday!

All in all I'd say we had a pretty great Thursday!
Now, we are all hunkered down for tornadoes all day.
The joys of spring (or winter pretending to be spring) 
in Nashville.  Yep, happy Friday, ugh.
we have 40 people and counting on our shake it off 90 challenge!  
wanna join us? 
i swear the shakes are so creamy and taste like cake mix!
-order here
-join our facebook support group here

I made a banana shake this morning and it was my FAV so far!!!!

I have had some questions about pricing on the 90 day challenge.
Most of us are ordering the shape kit- 2 shakes per day- for $99 a month
When you click on the challenge on the website
click the drop down menu and switch from the fit kit ($299) to the shape kit ($99)
If you just wanna replace breakfast or want a healthy snack (kids LOVE it) then go for the balance kit ($49) for 1 shake per day!
When you order, I'll send you the recipe book!  So easy and yummy and tons of options!


  1. That house is so darn cute. What a steal. And such a good day. Thinking of you with all of the tornadoes. Stay safe.

    1. THanks C! I hate this part of spring and TN =( I'm a big wimp too, we stay in the laundry room or my closet! With the ipad! lol xoxox

  2. I think your blog & style is awesome. I don't know how you do it my daughter is in Nashville doing an internship and the weather there is less stable then it is at home in Charleston SC, my daily question to her is how is the weather today, one day it's sunny and beautiful the next day it's in the 40's and the tornados there, WOW I think SC is where I was meant to be.

  3. Look at you! That has to be just about the perfect day : ) Glad little K loves her new house!

  4. So cute! Praying you all stay safe...this weather is CRAZY!!

  5. Stay safe, Shelli. Thinking of you and your family. K's house is adorable!

  6. How fun! I'm excited for your recipe!!

  7. Hi-

    I have a question about the shake powder...Is is lactose free? Thanks!