Monday, March 26, 2012

Kayce Hughes Clothing- Too Cute!

Have ya'll ever shopped Kayce Hughes?  I adore her style! She is local, right here in Nashville! Word on the street is that she has 7 children and I hear that they are ALL beautiful just like their momma!  I first started buying her children's line, Pears and Bears at this adorable baby boutique in Atlanta.  I was hooked.  
Helloooooo gorgeous family!!!  

I bought these little 3/4 length sailor tees for K, my mom and myself for our upcoming trip to the beach! (K got the shorts too, they are just too cute with the trim on the leg)

 Won't they be fun for a photo op?  I'm all about the darn photo op.  
This one is for me!
(I had to have the earrings too)

This one is for mimi (my mom)
Aren't they cute?
I bought these little dresses for K last year and she wore the heck out of them, so soft and sweet!
Kayce Hughes website and store is adorable.
You can check it out here

PS- I get a little giddy, because sometimes Kayce leaves comments on my blog =) and I bought her line LONG before I ever had a blog (or knew what a blog was, ha)


  1. I'm equally obsessed with KH. She has such classic, understated style. I have a couple of dresses from there that are my faves!

  2. I bought a dress from Kayce Hughes last year and just love it. Classic amid feminine. The sailor tees are darling and will be fun with your red hoops! How cute the three of you will be on your vacation.

  3. Thanks Shelli and thanks elizabeth and allison for your sweet really means a lot.

  4. I hope we get to see the picture of the three of you in them! :) You did say we'd get to see more pictures of you.
    PS. You are beautiful!

  5. You are right about it being an adorable line! And what a fabulously gorgeous family! My hat goes off to any woman that can have 7 children and not only still possess her sanity, but style! Amazing (c: