Friday, March 30, 2012

Bungalow Scout Bags- My Newest Obsession

Have you guys seen Scout Bags?
I am in love when them lately!
Their price point is good, you know I like a good deal!

I needed cooler bags for my shakes and I thought these were so fun and cute!  I bought mine locally at Sew What in Brentwood.  They monogram and I love how they turned out!

Isn't this a cute set to bring to the beach or the lake?  
Even a picnic.  I wanna go on a picnic.  
Wine and cheese please.

I bought this rolling bag for our upcoming trip to the beach and bought a few of the matching bags- the weekender and the daytripper.

Of course I had to have mine monogrammed!
I REALLY want a plain one for my husband and a cute one for Kendall, I think they are the perfect size for the beach!

Look at these cute color combos!

This one is a fav for sure!
Okay, I need to stop.
Bag lady or bust.  Apparently thats my motto.


  1. I LOVE Scout Bags! Christy (my co-blogger) started my obsession with them years ago. I have WAY too many :)
    But every year they come out with new colors and they are hard to resist. They hold up great!
    Fabulous idea for a post! I love the patterns you featured.

  2. I have always wanted a scout bag, but every time i go to get one they are out of the color i want. i love the true brit and brittany's stripe. i wish they still had the laptop cases!

  3. I have a HUMONGOUS Scout bag that I use for the beach and it's fabulous! With two boys I end up dragging a ton of stuff with me :) I"ve been lurking for a while - love your blog!

  4. Like Jen O, I have the extremely large bag that we carry to the beach or pool and it's the best. It holds EVERYTHING and it's super lightweight because of the fabric. Love their stuff!

  5. Those are so so precious. I love the pink/navy combo. I could use some new totes for summer. So very envious of your mongram skills.