Sunday, March 4, 2012

Answering A Few Questions....

Okay, so unfortunately I get so many emails that sometimes I can't answer them all (but I try really hard I swear!) and so I wanted to answer a few of the questions I have gotten over the weekend on the 90 day shake challenge!  
The shakes are gluten free, lactose free, and are sweetened with sucralose so they are also diabetic friendly!
Here is the nutritional information!

Here is a breakdown on how to order and more specifically how to get what you want to join us on the challenge!

I made this orange pomegranate shake today and it

I know it sounds like I am feeding you guys a line of bull but the funny part is that I am NOT.
This seriously tasted like a creme slush from sonic.
I love that I could have the shake withOUT a milk product for a CHANGE.
This shake had 275 calories, but next time I am going to use low sugar OJ, light Pom juice and save a few calories.

Please know that I have NEVER endorsed a product on this blog (and have had LOTS of opportunities)
I just LOVE the shakes and wanted to share them with you!

*Yesterday and today I put a vi-trim packet (tasteless, colorless) in my shake for extra help with appetite control and it worked!  No jitters either, it contains chromium for the appetite suppressant.  

Here is the nutritional information for Vi-trim

Keep the questions coming and I'll try to answer asap!
We now have 44 in our group!!


  1. I love the Body By Vi shakes and am so glad to be apart of the 90 Day Challenge together! Let's do this!

  2. FYI...I was going to order the shakes for my son who has Celiac's (gluten intolerance) and saw the allergy warning on the label that they are made on equipment shared with wheat products. Important for Celiac's, as this has the potential to make them very sick. It sounds like a good product, however, and I may try them myself.

  3. Hello! I'm impressed except for the sucralose used instead of Stevia etc.. Its my understanding that even though sucralose doesn't have calories it has a greater effect on blood sugar spikes than regular sugar. Otherwise this sounds wonderful.