Friday, March 30, 2012

Bungalow Scout Bags- My Newest Obsession

Have you guys seen Scout Bags?
I am in love when them lately!
Their price point is good, you know I like a good deal!

I needed cooler bags for my shakes and I thought these were so fun and cute!  I bought mine locally at Sew What in Brentwood.  They monogram and I love how they turned out!

Isn't this a cute set to bring to the beach or the lake?  
Even a picnic.  I wanna go on a picnic.  
Wine and cheese please.

I bought this rolling bag for our upcoming trip to the beach and bought a few of the matching bags- the weekender and the daytripper.

Of course I had to have mine monogrammed!
I REALLY want a plain one for my husband and a cute one for Kendall, I think they are the perfect size for the beach!

Look at these cute color combos!

This one is a fav for sure!
Okay, I need to stop.
Bag lady or bust.  Apparently thats my motto.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FIfty Shades Of Gray- Yay or Nay?

Okay, so I didn't get on the ball and I didn't read the Hunger Games.  Darn it!  I should have brought it here in February, and then I would have had all THREE read!  ARGH!  (but I did see the movie this weekend and it was SO GOOD)

Anyway, my girlfriend told me I need to read this.  Have you read it?  Is it good?  My hubs is taking me back to Mexico for our anniversary and I am looking for books to bring!

My girlfriend said all of her girlfriends LOVE it and that although she is not a reader, she is on page 700 of the second book in a few days!  Whaaat?  She is a mom of three so that is no easy task!

Here is the trilogy....
Has anyone read all three???

Any other book suggestions for me?  I LOVE me an autobiography too if anyone has some suggestions!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Kayce Hughes Clothing- Too Cute!

Have ya'll ever shopped Kayce Hughes?  I adore her style! She is local, right here in Nashville! Word on the street is that she has 7 children and I hear that they are ALL beautiful just like their momma!  I first started buying her children's line, Pears and Bears at this adorable baby boutique in Atlanta.  I was hooked.  
Helloooooo gorgeous family!!!  

I bought these little 3/4 length sailor tees for K, my mom and myself for our upcoming trip to the beach! (K got the shorts too, they are just too cute with the trim on the leg)

 Won't they be fun for a photo op?  I'm all about the darn photo op.  
This one is for me!
(I had to have the earrings too)

This one is for mimi (my mom)
Aren't they cute?
I bought these little dresses for K last year and she wore the heck out of them, so soft and sweet!
Kayce Hughes website and store is adorable.
You can check it out here

PS- I get a little giddy, because sometimes Kayce leaves comments on my blog =) and I bought her line LONG before I ever had a blog (or knew what a blog was, ha)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Brazilian Blowout And Learning To Love My Own Mug

Okay, so if you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I NEVER post pictures of myself.  (Mostly because I feel like a dork if I do, 
and also because of THIS I am sure)

Well, today I am down 6 lbs in 2 weeks on my 
and I am going to stop living my life behind this blog.

I am also going to finally start doing some things to help me feel better about my post baby appearance 
and I am going to share them!

I have never worried too much about my hair but when the weather starts to get warm and humid it can get kind of times, right?

So, I got a brazilian blowout.
(first self portrait on the blog.....uuuuuuugh.)
There was a local groupon for $99, so I went for it.
I'm SO happy I did!!  I also decided to get my spring highlights.  It's a little more Malibu Barbie for me than I do in the winter season, so I get excited about it!  
Yes, I am kind of a loser.

This is my 2nd brazilian blow out ever, I got one right after I had K, but didn't keep up with it.  I should have.  It's SO worth the time, effort and money if you have ANY frizz quality to your hair.  Like lucky me.  Ha. 
 I can even let it air dry!  SCORE.

(this one is even worse, I'm cringing at my big ol mug staring me in the face)
I took this one so you can see how easy the hair falls right into place with a simple blow dry, no flat iron or curling iron.  I'm also not wearing any make up, sorry for that.  It's kinda how I roll.  I wear it when I have to, but I'm more into my skin care than putting on my make up.  I wish I were better about it.  

Somebody wanted to join in on the action...

This little hot mess learns fast, doesn't she?  
(okay, I could have at least put on some lip gloss, oh well, keepin it real for you guys....ugh)

Last time I bought the expensive sulfate free shampoo that you buy at the salon.  This time I tried this! 
(my girlfriend told me she saw it at the grocery, so I went stalking for it)

I bought the hydrate and the reconstruct formulas because they were on sale for $4.99 each!  The jar is a hair masque and was also $4.99 so I thought I'd try it.  The shampoo and conditioner are GREAT and smell good too!  I was kinda shocked.  Good stuff!
One of my fellow shakers is a scientist and is blogging her journey along with us if you wanna see what she has to say!
Like me, she loves them so much she decided to sell them too! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Date!

I'm home with a sick little baby k today.  But I thought I would share a pic of K on a very special occasion yesterday.....

Her first date!  Isn't he a blonde cutie?

Conversation is always a little slow at first.....I think H was trying to concentrate on being a safe driver.  Us moms appreciate that.  =)

already learning to bat those long lashes...

They drove 4 doors down to get some ice cream
(K's a sucker for ice cream ya know)

Needless to say, H won K over with the ice cream cone.
Big.  Hit.  
PS- I'm down 4lbs on this!  Yay!  I'm super excited 
(source unknown)
can I get an amen?  LOL.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tulips And A Watch Obsession

Saturday St. John brought home tulips.  I LOVE tulips.  They just scream spring and all of the great sunshine and fun that comes with it!  

See that little hot pink on K's left arm?  That's her new watch.  It's Hello Kitty and I bought it at TJ Maxx for $6.99.  Her daddy has a watch and she likes to say 'watch! watch!'- so when I saw this one at TJ, I thought I'd see if she liked it.  
Like, she barely would let us take it off yesterday when she went swimming at the pool, obsessed.  She sleeps in it.  When I say "who is on your watch?"  she replies "Hi Kee!"  How cute is that?  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I took a little mini break last week to spend some much needed time with my little mini me and my mom!  We played, went to the park, the zoo, shopping and had some fun girlie time!  

the cherry snow cone and pretzel were a hit!

we jump and dance in our sunnies.  

and then out of nowhere came this....
on St. John's freshly planted plantings....yikes!
Everything weathered the storm just fine...

my friend took this from his front porch right after the hail

and then God gave us this beautiful sky and sunset
Thank you Lord!
Back to normal blogging this week!
For all of my shaker challengers, 
this was too cute not to share

To see how the Shake It Off challenge started,
click here

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Cleaning The Porch And The Patio!!

St. John has been working hard on the backyard and I wanted to brag on him for a minute!  I really wish I had a before picture for you so you could see the old plantings that were there when we bought the house.  But, of course I do not, so here's what my husband has been doing at night for the past couple of days!

John ripped out all of the plantings 
and put in English laurels
K's sandbox play area! 

This is where we watch the sunset 
and look at the Tennessee hills!
It's a great wine spot!

Jasmine!  My FAV fragrant plant!

I washed all of the slip covers for the screened in porch and washed all of the accessories to get ready for lounging this spring!!!

My personal favorite spot at our house!

Everything is clean and spring ready!
Today it is 80 degrees and my mom and I are taking K to the zoo to see all of the 'raffes'- that's what K calls the giraffes!
Happy Wednesday!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monogramming Fail- Hooded Towel For K

I try really hard to find cute things for a deal, and then monogram them myself to make them personalized for K.  

Sometimes I feel like a monogramming rock star, and things come out really CUTE!  See here , herehere here  and here for some that I am proud of..... (it makes me feel better to look at some of my projects that actually worked out, ha)

I bought this cute little hooded towel at Costco to monogram for K for our upcoming beach trip.

It started out juuuuuuust fine.

...and then it hit a snag.  Out of nowhere.  For no reason.
Lovely.  When I cut the thread from bobbin, 
it cut a hole in my new towel.  uuuuuuuuugh.
Momma NOT happy. 

I hear this happens randomly with every brand of monogramming machine.  That didn't really make me feel better.  At.  All.  Now I feel like I wasted money on the towel, not to mention, my TIME.  

So, I decided to re group and tackle another project.

time for a little COLOR!
We also ripped up all of the red plum bushes
and replaced them with english laurels.
Ok, hubs did that part.  I oversaw the project.
And planted pretty annuals with color.

Did you have a good weekend?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Michelle Bell's Story- Shake It Off Challenge

Don't worry!!!  The blog is not changing in any way, I am just going to use weekends and blurbs at the bottom of my normal blog postings to speak to my challengers, because I can't answer all the emails!  Thanks to those who might be disrupted by this!  xoxo, Shel

I have gotten lots of emails regarding promoting the Shake It Off -90 Day Challenge, lots of mommies looking to find a way to stay home, some that have lost their jobs in this economy, some looking for a way to make extra income, and some that need an answer to I asked my friend from college, Michelle, to share her story with you!  I hope this helps you! Email me if you have more questions =)  
Hi a' lamoders!  My name is Michelle Bell, and I have been with Visalus Sciences, promoting the 90 Day Challenge for the past 4 months, and what an amazing and unexpected 4 months it has been.
Prior to this, I was in Sales Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 11 years.  Because I was in sales, I was constantly approached by multi-level companies wanting me to help promote their services and or products.  Honestly, I never entertained even listening to the opportunity, and quite frankly ran the other direction.   This was mainly due to the fact that I had known people, and had heard stories of how people had been burned or made bad investments in these type of companies.
After leaving the pharmaceutical industry 2 years ago, I went on to pursue my passion of health and fitness.  Even though I took a HUGE pay cut, it allowed me to stay home with my family and my boys, who are young and very active.  Over the past two years, I have been a group fitness instructor, and a personal fitness trainer.  I teach and train at two different gyms, and thoroughly love being able to help and encourage others through their health and fitness.

Last October, one of the clients in our gym came in talking about these shakes that had helped her lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, and said they tasted like “cake mix.”  The other trainers, and I became curious.  We looked into the shakes ourselves, and decided to try them.  That was the first time I had EVER had a shake as a meal replacement, but wanted to see what I thought, knowing it could potentially help so many people.
My husband and I tried the shake for 1 meal a day for 3 days.  We both loved them, and so did our boys.  They tasted great, we noticed an increase in our energy, and after 3 days, I lost 3 ½ lbs and my husband lost 4.  I was sold, and was ready to go to GNC…or wherever to buy them the shakes for my family.
At that point, the other trainers and I learned that you had to buy from a distributor, or become one.  “OH NO!!!  I don’t do things like this!!!  And, I am SKEPTICAL about these kind of companies.”  I was torn.  I loved the product first and foremost, but wasn’t looking into getting into something like this.  I just wanted to have something to offer people who were looking to lose weight, and improve their health and nutrition.  After a few days of thinking and praying about it, I decided to go ahead and become a distributor.  Honestly, I just hoped to eventually earn my small $1,000 investment back, (there is a $499 option too) while helping people with their health.

My first two months, I had many customers and a couple of promoters under me, but I still was a little skeptical.  I LOVED the product, but I needed that same passion for the company.  I needed Visalus to prove itself to me, and see for myself that it truly was different from other companies out there.  I didn’t want to involve my friends and family in something that ended up being a bad decision. 
After two months in the company, learning more about it, and watching how other people from my gym had grown their business, earned the company BMW, and were making thousands per month….I finally had the confidence behind the company that I needed.
Beginning January 1st, I really started to promote this company and this product.  I am passionate about the way that this product and company are changing people’s lives in so many ways, and I wanted to let people know about it.  After 3 ½ weeks, I was promoted to Regional Director which earned me the company BMW.  And, in January alone, I earned enough commission to pay for our family Spring Break Ski Trip.
In February, my team continued to grow, along with my paychecks.   I was promoted to National Director in the company. Three other people on my team went on to earn the BMW, as they watched their paychecks grow, as well.
Now, as we are into March, everyday is exciting to see the team that is growing under me.  I am on track to be promoted to Presidential Director this month.

I have heard countless stories from our customers of how the 90 Day Challenge with Body by Vi is helping people lose weight, shape up, feel more energy, and is improving their overall nutrition.  In addition, it is such an added blessing to see the way that the company is adding to the financial health of families all over.  I was the poster child of SKEPTICISM, and I am a believer now!!  In a matter of just a few months, I am now able to contribute so much more to our family’s finances, which was never my intention when I joined Visalus.  It has absolutely taken off. 
Body by Vi is the #1 Weight loss and Nutrition Challenge on the Market. It is also the #1 Home based Business, which will be the first multi-level company to reach 1 billion in sales.  It is because the product tastes great, it is affordable, it is easy and it works!!!
In the fast paced, busy lifestyle that we have, it is so nice to have an opportunity to have a business where I don’t have to buy inventory, I don’t take orders, I don’t make deliveries, I don’t take money…..all I do is tell people about the Challenge and make shakes for people.  My website does the rest.  EASY!!!
We have been so blessed to see the improvement in our family’s health, in our family’s wealth, and in the ways that we have been able to help so many other people.

Best wishes to your health, and Happy Shake Makin’! 

Michelle Bell

*Thank you so much to Michelle for sharing your story with my readers! If anyone has more questions, Michelle is happy to chat with you on the phone, just email me at and I will hook you up!
Have you noticed my new button on the left side of my blog?

It should make it easier for those of you emailing me for the website! (I hope!)  
If you wanna see what the hype is all about or just observe to see what our group is saying....request to join us here!  For nutritional info look here
Almost 80 people joining me on my humbled and happy!