Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day- Monogramming, A Tablescape and A Goody Basket

So last night I was 'that mom' monogramming this valentine chair backpack for K's party today....

turned out pretty cute, no?
(good thing, because my machine was driving me nuts)

see, you slip the little valentines in the top, so stinking fun!

aaaand....k thought it was a backpack for HER.  
(yes, she's half naked, thats how we roll sometimes...)
It actually did fit her pretty well, ha!
All in all, not a bad $19 item from Pottery Barn Kids!

I decided to set a cute little valentine party tablescape 
(with stuff I already had)
I think we will have fun eating here tonight!
Maybe we'll order one of those heart shaped pizzas...

The cookies are SO good and are from 
Piece de Resistance, The little cake I just randomly picked up at Publix yesterday (good thing I took a few pics, as my husband snagged it and ate it all up!)

K's valentine goody basket
(I collect stuff on sale/good deal whenever I see it, some of it is half off after Vday last year, I'm crafty like that)

I can't WAIT for K to wake up!!!!
(I'll post her outfit later today!)


  1. Kendall's "backpack" is so cute! What a clever idea for all her valentines!! Fun table-scape too! Happy V-day!

  2. Love her little backpack. I so wish I had an embroidery machine!

  3. What a beautiful basket and that backpack is so stinkin cute!!!

  4. This is all so cute! Great job on her mail box :) I have never seen that before - such a cute idea! Your table looks beautiful too! Happy V-Day!

  5. Love her little gift basket! My mom used to do that for us too! :)

  6. yeah... "that mom" meaning best mom in the world :) great valentine's spirit you got going!

  7. What monogram machine do you use/own? Do you love it?

  8. What a sweet table!! and love that head of curls on k!!

  9. Cute idea! I am curious what kind of sewing machine you have, would you care to tell me?

  10. I'd love to know what kind of machine you use. I've been toying with the idea of buying an embroidery/mnogramming machine lately and would love to hear about what you think of your machine.

  11. K is so lucky to have such a crafty mama! Wow, love what you did with the backpack. Very cute Valentine's tablescape.

  12. Your Valentine's Day table looked adorable. Like you, I LOVE using things you already have around the house. You did a great job in making this day extra festive for your family!

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