Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tory Burch Flats And A Meltdown

Well, I hope you all had the sweetest Valentine's Day!
(Now I'm a chubbo and have to go work it all off today.)

St.  John was super sweet, treating me to breakfast in bed!  That night I got a card, a bottle of prosecco (my fav!) and 

oh, how I LOVE that man.
(the eddie flats have memory foam and they rock my world)

In other news, earlier that morning.....
The goody basket was a hit!

"Moh pwesents momma?"
(she got a little spoiled from her birthday a few weeks ago)
"No, baby, just the one"  LOL.

Uh oh, meltdown......
(codename: I'm 2)

VERY angry with momma.
But I was trying to get her adorable dress!

well, here it is hanging on the wall right before I put it on her and we had the 4 alarm meltdown.  The ribbons on the side tie in bows and that extra bow is a hair bow that we didn't use.  If you ever want custom dresses made, tookie tots makes a lot of ours and she does beautiful work!  I just email her the design I am thinking and she brings it to life!!!  

Apparently when the hubs took K to school she ran right in and hugged the teacher.....maybe she was just having a meltdown over my papparazzi mode.  *sigh*


  1. Good to know about those Tory flats. They sound amazingly comfortable.

    That little sweet dress is so cute. Thanks for linking to where you got it. I am going to have to look into her. :)

  2. Oh, I am so jealous for those flats.

  3. haha--hilarious my friend!! i think you scored on the valentine's treats, too ;)

  4. Oh I love the cute flats...I have them in tan and they are SO comfy!! And too funny about more presents!! OH the 2's!

  5. Tory Burch rocks my world too! Those flats ARE the best. They are more comfy than the Revas.

  6. The goodie basket would be a hit over here, too! SO cute. And my man spoiled mew with shoes as well. Good guys. :)

  7. I have those flats and totally love them. Looks like you had a great Valenitne's Day!

  8. LOVING the TB flats. My husband has given me a few Tory Burch shoes and bags over the years and they are always my favorite!