Monday, February 27, 2012

Stroller Crack- Uppa Baby G-Luxe

I love a deal.
I've been stalking looking every week at Essex for this stroller that my good bloggy friend Julia told me about!
(She has amazing taste and is funny to boot, if you don't read her blog, you should!)
Seek and your husband ye shall find!

Uppa Baby G- Luxe

I love the fact that is it SUPER light weight, reclines, basket underneath for shopping,has the cup holder attached and folds and unfolds SO easily!
Trust me when I say I have some experience with strollers.  We also have the Bugaboo Bee (nice but kinda clunky for the trunk in my opinion) and also the Bob jog stroller (perfect for places like the zoo, park, neighborhood strolls).

This stroller is PERFECT for the car!  
(and I am super picky)
I'm in love and I know thats sick and wrong people.  Ha

You can buy it here for $189
but I wanted to pay less, so I went to Essex every week when I could, and on Saturday my husband walked it over to me and said, 'here you go!'  LOVE HIM!  
He bought it at Essex for $100.  
Now thats more like it!

We tried it out shopping later that day, and K loved it. 
Yes, I just blogged about a stroller.  
I love it that much!

PS- I got an email saying that there is a nursery in Parenting magazine baby years edition page 84 that looks a heck of a lot like baby k's nursery- I don't have that mag- if you do, will you take a pic for me and show me????


  1. I've been stalking Nashville Craigslist for the exact same one. Do you know if they had more at Essex? A lunch run may be in my future.

  2. Love it when you score a deal!

  3. We have an Uppa Vista and it is dreamy! Uppas are so well made and their customer service (should you ever need to contact them) is top notch.

  4. I LOVE that you LOVE the stroller. I'm so pleased with ours. Isn't it funny how you can't have just one stroller? I can't believe you scored one for $100. So NOT what I paid.

  5. Oh this is really good to know! We registered for the BOB since it will be the most used in this mountain terrain. But it would be nice to have a light weight stroller for the car/shopping etc. :)

  6. I just wish they would have had those when my girls were little! We had the most gosh awful strollers. They just came out with the ones the carseats hook into when my youngest was too big for it already.

  7. Just curious, but which Essex are going to? The one near Southeastern Salavage? I never seem to find good baby stuff there.

  8. I emailed you the picture of the nursery ;-)

  9. I love that rug!! Where did you get it?

    1. Yes I'm curious about the rug too!

  10. So cute. You will love that. {Your friend was such a sweetheart and left us a lil' something in our room!} HUGE HUGS.

  11. You are so funny! I'll have to check out the Essex next time. When I bought my Maclaren, I was oddly excited as well. I felt like I had just bought a new purse or something. Things sure do change when you have kids!

  12. Love the stroller but I have another question...that chevron rug that I always see in the background of your pics (usually of the divine ms. K) is that from West Elm? If so, does it shed? Had that prob with a client and a west elm natural rug....too curious...had to ask! Thanks and enjoy strolling!

  13. I had the same stoller when my 9 year old son was a baby and loved it. Back then they called it the zooper stroller. Other than the name and the color it looks exactly the same.

  14. Just echoing the question from above....where did you find that fabulous rug?! I NEED one in my foyer!

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