Friday, February 24, 2012

Lunch At The Taco Truck- Taqueria el recondo

Yesterday was gorgeous.  
75 and sunny with an amazing breeze.
Met the hubs at our favorite taco truck.

(How cute is he?  Love that man.)
Taqueria el Recondo Taco Truck
(98% health rating too)

Hubs usually gets 2 of each and we just share.
My favorite is asada and pastor.  
Hubs loves barbacoa and carnitas.
Tacos are $1.25

This how we roll.  
Lift the hatch on the SUV and sit and eat.
Keepin' it classy at the taco truck.

My friend Mandy says there is a mac and cheese truck here in Nashville and my inner fat girl says
"Lets find it! STAT!"

Here is a great roundup on Nashville's Taco Trucks.
Do you enjoy the food trucks?
I wish Nashville had more!

KK and I had a fun afternoon at the park 
in this gorgeous weather too!!!


  1. Dallas just started having food trucks and we tried them for the first time last week - they are so yummy! We used to live in Nashville for 6 years - definitely miss it - so fun to see that Nashvegas has some great food trucks now!

  2. Yummy, where is the truck usually located???

  3. I have never been that adventurous to try one of those. They call them "Roach Coach" here and that alone just makes me shiver.

  4. Food trucks just hit Atlanta pretty hard last Spring. I work in Midtown and when the weather is lovely it's my favorite lunch destination. Looks like you and the hubby had a nice relaxed lunch!

    Have a great weekend,


  5. So fun! I want to find a taco truck now : )

  6. How fun! Yes, my oldest works in Midtown and she was mentioning all the trucks the other day. Haven't tried any yet.

  7. Food trucks are gaining popularity in Atlanta recently, they are delish! looks like you had a fun lunch with the hubs...happy weekend!

  8. Oh man! Miss those things! We called them Roach Coaches in San Diego. I know, I know...gross but, as you know, always the best food! And cheap! Sure don't have these up in the north country where I am now. Bah.

  9. I'm totally coming to visit Nashville now just to visit that Mac N Cheese truck. Yum!

  10. My favorite is The Grilled Cheeserie! It's so yummy!

  11. I love taco trucks! I just wrote a post about my latest taco truck adventure. Beware the hot sauce!


  12. Nothing better than a good taco truck! OR any food truck for that matter!

  13. yum yum yum!!!! Wish we had these on our side of the state (memphis).....send them our way!

    Love you blog!

  14. This post cracked me up! We have an identical taco truck in our town and it has become a joke between my husband and I. He swears it's the best food ever and I always said that eating food out of some random truck HAHAHA!!! And here your classy self is, eating from the taco truck! I'm still not sure I'm brave enough to try it, but you sure do have me intrigued! :-)

  15. Yum! That taco truck looks awesome. I'll have to go check it out and find the grilled cheese truck as well!