Monday, February 27, 2012

The Fat Stops Here- A 90 Day Challenge

Last week I posted on my personal facebook page,
"I wish I was thinner"

I really should have lost all of my baby weight by now.  I mean, hello, she's 2, right?

But...I haven't.  
I'm still living in chubbyville.

In 2009, I looked like this.

Then later that year, this happened.
I had placenta previa and had every symptom of pre eclampsia except the protein in the urine and was a puff ball of fluid. Bed rest.  So, I ate.  And slept.  And ate.  And gained 60 lbs.  And had a c-section.  

And this little piece of perfection.
8lbs 9 ounces, born at 39 weeks
and yes, worth EVERY pound gained.
She's so cute in this pic I wanna gobble her up.
(I meant that less weird than it sounded)

Oh, and then I quit a huge career.  And moved out of state.  And lost my trainer.  And became a stay at home mom.  And felt clueless.  And lost my identity.  And didn't know how to feel successful.  
And became depressed even though I was IN LOVE.  

I literally just got off Lexapro, an antidepressant, last week.
How's that for throwing it all out there?

And you thought I was just a blogger.  HA
I wasn't joking when I said that this blog 
saved me in many ways!

I'm sick of being a chubbo.
I cannot TELL you how much that I wish THIS was ME in sweet Megan's post.  Talk about jealous!  And I'm so proud of her journey!  It made me cry I wanted to be her so badly.  
So I gotta start somewhere, right?

I'm going to do a 90 day nutritional challenge.
Why THIS challenge?
Because I SWEAR there is crack in these shakes, 
they taste so good.

My trainer first told me about these shakes but I blew him off.
Vinny from The Biggest Loser is using them at our gym and that is why my trainer wanted me to try them
(insert evil eye to trainer for mentioning me and Biggest Loser in same sentence- HA)
Do you KNOW how many shakes, etc I've tried? UGH
But then I got a hold of a sample, and now I'm hooked.
Wanna do it with me?
I'll be blogging my journey.  Keepin it real.  
If I can crossfit, surely I can do this, right?

(look at my cute new mini blender!!) (Its the little things

I told my therapist last week,
"I would NEVER treat you like I treat me."

So today it ends, 
no more beating myself up emotionally.
no more hating my body.

I'm going to continue to make healthy choices and exercise!
Say a prayer for me please.....

*I signed up a' la mode to be a distributor for the shakes to make it easier if you'd like to try them too 
(have I lead you astray yet?)
click here if you wanna try my new addiction.
*I've created a facebook group for those of us participating so we can have support for each other and share tips and thoughts while on the me if you'd like me to add you to the group!
*I have tried a LOT of programs in my day and would NEVER endorse any of them but this one has me hooked so I wanted to share (just like everything else on this blog)
(I got a bajillion emails requesting info so here's a little synopsis on the shakes for you)

1. What is unique about the Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake mix?

There are so many unique benefits, and ingredients, so here are a few:
a. It tastes amazing. We call it the “Shake mix that tastes like a cake mix”. If you do a blind taste test vs. other
shakes, you’ll see that many have either a gritty texture, can have a bitter or metallic after taste that lingers.
Other shakes can smell bitter, or like chemicals. Ours is different because of the unique, high quality
ingredients that we use.
b. Our shake is lower in sodium, fat, and carbohydrates than other shakes. Many companies will use sodium
to make the bland ingredients taste better, fat to make flavor carry, or add sugar to mask bitter notes. You
can see from our comparison chart that we surpass the competition, due to our high quality.
c. Our shake is diabetic friendly. Many shakes use sugar, fructose, or other sweeteners that can spike blood
sugar. This may result in low energy, hunger, and more. Ours has no added sugar, and is diabetic friendly.
d. We use 3 specially processed proteins. This provides fast, and long lasting hunger control, and can also
help maintain lean muscle while targeting fat. Our shake has been specially processed to remove lactose,
remove fat, remove carbohydrates, and remove isoflavones from the soy that can impact estrogen.
Therefore, body builders, those sensitive to hormones can use our shake.
e. We include ingredients that other shakes don’t. We include digestive enzymes to help maximize protein
absorption, prebiotics to support the bodies detox process and digestive health, vitamins, minerals,
calcium, and more.
f. Affordability. There is simply no other shake that matches what we offer, for the price! By having a shake a
day you can not only help fuel your body with powerful nutrients, but you can save money too.

2. What are the primary benefits of the Vi-Shape shake mix?
›› The shake mix provides complete nutrition – fast
›› Helps control appetite
›› Provides bone-healthy calcium
›› Provides heart healthy, low fat protein
›› Helps promote & maintain lean muscle mass
›› Supports protein digestion and nutrient absorption
›› Helps support healthy energy levels while cutting calories
›› Provides non-gassy fiber benefits for digestive health
›› Includes two unique fibers for health, and for hunger control
›› Supports a low glycemic lifestyle
›› Supports healthy metabolism
›› Gluten free. Lactose free. Low sodium, diabetic friendly. Low sugar. Tastes amazing


  1. Oh good luck. I am on a campaign to loose 20 lbs by May 1, so I so wish you luck in you challenge. Good Luck and God Bless. Hugs, Marty

  2. I am in GIRL! I gained.....ready for this 75 POUNDS with G.... That's right 75 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was horrible, I hate my body. I was wow so skinny and now.....well, lets just say I am still 20 pounds off where I want to be.

    I may get all personal and post a weight loss challenge on my blog too....i am still on the fence though. Your brave and I admire that!!!

  3. Good luck to you Shelli. I had such similar experience with my first daughter, moved, left my career, gave birth and stayed on antidepressants for 2 years afterwards. Staying true to myself is still difficult some days, but my blog and blog friends are a huge help. I applaud you for setting this goal and being honest with yourself. I know you can do it!

  4. Girl, I am right there with you! I gained 65lbs and baby was only 8lb9oz of that... uuuuuuggggghhh!!!! But I maintain that the pazooki's were worth it!!!!

    What my trainer told me is that diet is 80% of weight loss. Also, the mom group that I'm in did a weight loss competition called Game On (, it. was. awesome!!! And the best part is you can even do it with hubby! (As in you actually have a chance to win a weight loss competition vs a dude with the way this program is set up.)

    Kill it girlie!


  5. Good luck! It will be hard, but you can totally do this! I gained 50+ lbs with both of my pregnancies and was able to lose it each time. Eat clean and run lots!

    And I agree with Lindsey above... diet is 80% when it comes to weight loss. Read Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet book.

    I'll be rooting for you!

  6. Ah, Shelli! I know exactly how you feel. It's such a hard struggle getting those last pounds off but I know you can do it. It's daily choices and not thinking necessarily about what you "feel" like eating, as opposed to knowing what will fuel your body and give you strength. You are brave to put it all out there. I admire you for that!

  7. Ok Shelli I think I am in :) I went throu a break up after 18 years and instead of getting sickly skinny like my ex I gained 15 pounds I had lost towards my original goal of 25 pounds. I start back up with my trainer on March 16th but this would be a great boost, don't ya think? I wish you all the luck in the world, I know you can do it!

  8. Shell, I admire and respect you for being so honest. I know you can do it. I'll be cheering you on my dear!

  9. Thank you so much for this post! I needed to read this today. I know how you feel, that's how am feeling too. My son is 9 months old and I gained 40lbs during the pregnancy. Have not lost much at all... I am definitely IN!

  10. Shelli, good for you!! You are worth it and you deserve it!! I know it wasn't easy being that vulnerable but you are brave and strong! And you can do it!!!

  11. Hey Shelli! I loved reading your story! I am on a journey of eating healthier and working out is hard work but definitely worth it. Thanks for being so honest! Can't wait to check in and see your progress!

  12. I just love honesty! I feel your pain:) I did not have a baby but want to loose a bit of weight that has snuck up on me in the last couple of years. I crossfit 4-5 times a week but can't seem to drop the weight.. time to get the eating in check. You've inspired me! Good luck!

  13. Shelli, you can do it! Almost a year ago I made the decision to get back into the gym regularly (and actually workout, not just walk the treadmill for 20 minutes, go sit in the hot-tub for 30, then buy myself a big 'ole smoothie as I was leaving!). What has kept me on track the most is having a support system there with me...I have made some girlfriends at my gym and they are so good good at keeping me on track! They expect to see me there and so if I don't go I feel like I've let them down. And I get some adult time too while getting in a workout. This move has really thrown me off and I've been a major slacker the past few weeks, but I'm getting back now. The best thing about exercising for me is not only taking the weight off but I feel so much happier when I get a workout in! Thanks for putting yourself out can do it...I can't wait to follow your journey!

  14. Shelli-thank you so much for being honest! I absolutely love your blog, and look forward to reading every blog/post you write. We will all be cheering you on! I am currently pregnant with baby #2 and already cannot WAIT to start to try to get my body back! Good luck!

  15. Shelli, what a refreshing, honest post!! I too enjoy your blog. If for some reason you find the shakes not working for your liking, peep my distributor site here : This product is amazing and has amazing results with a money back gurantee. Best part about it is you eat and do shakes, not just one or the other and everything is all natural! Let me know if you have any questions: Good luck on your journey.

  16. Oh, I so relate. I'm on a Rx program through my doc now and finally losing, but I could not get off the last 20 lbs. after my son to save my life. I know how it feels to not look or feel like yourself and to be so desperate. Please be kind to yourself, I'm sure you know this, but anti-depressants can cause weight gain. I'm glad you're in a better place now and I will be cheering you on as you achieve your goal, because you WILL do it!! ((hugs))

  17. You are awesome! I am a working mom of two little kids. I have a fabulous career and am scared to up and quit because of exactly what you described...who am I? How do I feel successful? I am 100% sure I would probably get depressed too. But, I still may do it one day because I do struggle with wanting to be with my kids more. Your post is so refreshing and it's good to hear I'm not alone in those feelings!!

  18. You can do it! I, too, am pregnant with my second and looking forward to getting back in shape. You have our support. I just moved and became a SAHM too, it's tough!

  19. Mine are 7 and 5 and I'm still not back to where I was! Love your honesty - it's so helpful and encouraging when women write posts like this - thanks for keeping it real!

  20. I substitute either lunch or dinner for a protein shake every day. But I use Almond milk to save on calories and sugar, in one cup of almond milk there is only 40 calories, compared to 110 in milk, and 0 sugar compared to 15 grams in regular milk!

  21. I am now 260 weeks postpartum and still trying to lose from my first baby (364 weeks postpartum). I am doing Weight Watchers, using Shakeology, Spinning, and doing p90x. It's now or never -- I can't take the muffin top anymore.

    So - GOOD LUCK! Hopefully next time I post the two of us will have rock hard abs.

  22. Shel, I am so so proud of you. I am even more proud that you have just layed it all out there. I am behind you 100%. What an inspiration. Thanks for opening up and for your honesty. Hugs, beautiful friend.

  23. Way to go Shelli! Will be following your progress and love your honesty.

  24. you can TOTALLY do it!!! i'm going to need to be jumping on that lose weight train VERY soon...cannot wait to see the progress friend!!!

  25. Good for you! You can do it!I've been eating healthy and exercising for some time now and I just may be motivated to share my journey with my readers as well. You're so inspiring for keeping it real and I'm sure you'll be an inspiration to so many others!

  26. Loved your post today, fits me perfectly as well. My baby will be 2 in a couple of months and still just not where I want to be weight wise. I actually have a sample of a body by vi shake sitting in my pantry so you have convinced me to give it a try. Like you, I worked out a lot with a trainer before baby and have tried every protein shake out there and have made myself drink them so haven't been able to convince myself this one was going to be any better. I also had to quit working out while pregnant and sadly haven't gone back. So nice to also see another mom like myself say, yes, I was crazy in love with my baby but not feeling too happy and needed help. I also became a stay at home after she was born. I am a nurse and fought it until she was 6 months old then broke down one day and also went on Lexapro. I am still on it and knowing it is probably time to come off but scared to. I have a friend that endorses the Body By Vi program so may have to give it a shot after I try that shake! Thanks so much for your honesty.

  27. Congrats!! and good luck with everything!


  28. Good for you! Can't wait to see your progress!

  29. It is all such a journey...a lonely one sometimes, for sure! So hard when you feel grateful and shitty all at the same time! The Lexapro might have been contributing to some of the weight, too. I'm so glad you started blogging and reached out to a community of awesome people...I know you'll be successful!! And my little one was 5 before I hit my pre-preg weight! xoxoxoxxoxoxoxox

  30. Good for you for being so open and honest! It's hard to do. I wish you the best. I am fighting my own battle with the extra pounds, however, I gained mine after turning 40! It is a daily struggle, and I am not the best at putting myself first. Working on that one!

  31. First of all, I love your blog! I'm a designer and have gathered much inspiration from you! I just wanted to also point out that my husband was on Lexapro for over a year - and gained a great deal of weight. We were both eating the same but I was remaining the same weight. Once he went off if it, he lost 15 lbs in a month. He spoke to his dr about it and it can be a side effect. So hopefully between your lifestyle change (both health wise and med wise) you are off to an amazing start! Can't wait to read!

  32. Awesome!! So I want to try this me the deets. We bought a treadmill 2 weeks ago because I AM GOING TO GET FIT DAMMIT! Ha. But really, I am so sad at looking at pics from just 2 years ago and feeling all sad and smooshy.

  33. Love this post Shelli! I have been holding on to 10 pounds of "pregnancy weight" and my triplets are THREE YEARS OLD! I can't blame the pregnancy! I too struggle with being a stay at home mom....before the kiddos I worked out regularly and ate healthy...and now I find myself never eating breakfast and end up eating what my kids don't eat. I don't eat near as much as I did pre-pregnancy yet I can't shed a pound and I feel so gross and fat. I certainly don't exercise either. I really need to respect myself more than I do and take the time for's so important for us mommas to do that. Let's cheer each other on! I've got a beach trip coming up with my girlfriends and I would love to feel good in a bathing suit! Gonna check out the info on the shakes. Until then, good luck my friend and thank you for being so honest!!!! Let's chat sometime soon!

  34. Awesome Shelli! This is my first time commenting and I felt compelled to do so because of your transparency and humor. I totally had PPD after my first (and was totally confirmed of this when I DIDN'T have it after my second). Getting in shape and eating well was a total game changer for me in getting through it. Now, I am in better shape than I have ever been in my entire life and it has totally encouraged my hubby and daughters to be healthy too. So while you are doing this for you...your whole family and community will be changed for the better because of it. Stay strong and sending prayers your way! I can't wait to follow your journey...

  35. Just watched the video clips on the site, but am curious about the cost of the program and what you actually get for the price. How many shakes a day is it? Just one. Am still thinking about doing something like this, but want to know the answer to those important questions before signing up. Thanks.


  36. I so identified with today's post! I wanted to comment to offer my support, Shelli! Good vibes from Huntsville, you can do it! :D

  37. Thank you for posting this! I can totally relate and its nice to know I'm not the only one going through so many changes at once.

  38. Shelli you are amazing... I commend you for just putting it all out there. I am certain that you helped so many women. Sending good thoughts your way!

  39. I really appreciate you posting this. I think so often we feel alone when it comes to our feelings about our own bodies. My husband and I recently had our second miscarriage and for several reasons we will have to wait awhile before trying again. As devastating as that is, I'm really trying to take this time and focus on making changes in our lives that are for the better. One of those changes includes losing the last 17lbs of baby weight, becoming more active, and less stressed. I've already lost 7 lbs just with making a few small changes in my diet. I appreciate you putting this out there and getting women to support each other and admit our own insecurities. Very inspirational

  40. Oh love, you can do it!!! Once you put your strong self and mind to it, you'll do it. It sounds like you may have had a few other things taking priority (um, raising a child will do that!) but now it's time to focus on YOU and your goals. YOU GO GIRL! : )

  41. Shelli -- thanks for being real with this. Motherhood is such a blessing, but oh how exhausting. I gained 35 lbs. with my first pregnancy and lost it all in two weeks...wait, here's the rest. I had PPD/Post partum Anxiety. Partially due to the fact that I scaled back from my full time job that I loved, to only one day a week...that one day is the only thing that keeps me from going crazy. I didn't eat hardly anything the first year after my daughter was born, and ended up skinnier than I had EVERY been (ok, liked that part). My baby cried...A LOT. I only made it through because my husband took a leave from work the first few months. I think she was not getting enough milk because I wasn't eating enough. Anyway, five years ago I wouldn't have "gotten it." It being how hard it is to lose baby weight. So I got pregnant again and ate my way to a 40+ pound weight gain, and I still have 20 lbs of it on my body. IT'S HARD! Eating is (unfortunately) my stress relief this time around, and as you said who would I treat the way I treat myself? Noone. I've been working out like crazy and trying to not eat a whole pan of brownies every night, finally lost 5lbs, 20 more to go. Keep us updated, nice to know it's possible if you really try!

  42. My husband and I have been changing our ways as well! Following some advice from our chiropractor, we have been giving up breads, dairy, gluten, sugar (not perfectly but we're getting there). It has been amazing to see how much better we not only look, but also feel. It was a very emotional thing for me to make all these changes at first. I was completely at a loss and overwhelmed after I realized that I couldn't eat half the things I used to (or half the things in the grocery store for that matter)...but now that I have gotten used to it, I don't even want to eat those things. I didn't realize how extremely yummy and creative a gluten free, sugar free diet could be. I have also learned that it's about eating the good fats too...our bodies actually vitally need the good fat to get rid of the bad fat...good fat meaning good meats, nuts, avocados, coconut, etc. We are huge fans of Dr. Axe's and maximized living's recipes. I don't know how I would have survived these past few months. In our chiropractor's office, there are before and after pictures of people who are also following the same types of diet plans, along with exercise, etc. You should see the results that are happening! Excited for your journey as well! I have loved finding your blog today!

  43. I admit that I'm interested, but I just wonder what happens after 90 days... if you try to go back to eating sensibly and normally, will your body put the weight back on?