Friday, February 17, 2012

Current Obsession- Anti Age Eye Cloths

My latest beauty/skincare obsession:

Have yall tried these?
I use them ALL THE TIME.
They are awesome for taking off your make up, refreshing your face after a butt kicking work out, re doing your make up before you go out, etc.  They are great for travel too (and on the airplane when you feel kinda icky). I LOVE that they have anti aging properties (I need all the help I can get)

I get mine here
(here is the link for the eye cloths)
If you use them, let me know how you like them too
or if you have a use for them that I didn't mention!


  1. oh i totally need these. thanks for sharing.

  2. These look great! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very cool. I was faced with this dilemma last Friday when I needed to "freshen" my makeup before going out. I ended up fully washing my face and then reapplied all of my make up. Sigh.

    These would have made it much easier! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.


  4. Anit-age anything is great! LOL!

  5. Nice post, thanks for sharing this wonderful and useful information with us.