Sunday, January 8, 2012

Planning K's 2nd Birthday Party!

Guess who is going to be turning 2 soon?
Who I swear just yesterday looked like THIS!
*sniff sniff*
So, this momma has got to get to planning.
Last year's party was here at 
the a'la mode house

This year, we rented out a local bounce house.
The color palette is going to be
red, black and white
with a touch of Raggedy Ann!
Here are some things I have ordered so far:
(picture the green as red, etc)
*these pics are off of the vendor sites, not my custom party orders, real pics coming soon*

We are going to do doughnuts, breakfast sammies, kolachies, juice, milk and STARBUCKS (for the adults)....I even ordered a doughnut CAKE! (hope its cute)
Any vendors I should know about?
Any cute ideas for me?


  1. I'm not sure this info will help but target had the most adorable red and white polka dot napkins on the end cap near party supplies. They are being clearances out. They also had black and white polka dot. They are really, really cute!!


  2. What a fun party. Love that you are bringing sweet ol'Raggedy Ann into the picture.

  3. aww so sweet!! Love the menu selections. It's going to be an amazing party I'm sure!

  4. i am in the midst of planning my gal's third birthday and she requested minnie mouse. i don't like character birthdays so we are doing red/black/white polka dots with hints of minnie.

    i have found lots of great sources. check them out on my pinterest board:

    can't wait to see the party details. be sure to post all of your sources, please. help a sister out!

  5. So cute! Have you checked out Nico and Lala? I have used them for several parties and they have the cutest stuff. Have fun!

  6. So cute!!! I'm already brainstorming my little one's March bday! I like Garnish for cute packaging.

  7. So adorable and look what a chic little "almost" 2 she is! She is darling, Shelli. What a fun party that will be!

  8. I want to come to the party!!! Looks beyond adorable. EG has a Raggedy Ann, too.

  9. Those Pom Poms are SO easy to make yourself! I made about 200 in varying sizes for my 21st and hung them from the ceiling at different heights as if they were floating! xx

  10. What is your daughter's birthday? I am also planning my daughter's 2nd birthday and it is also a Raggedy Ann party! Her birthday is Feb. 8, 2010 and her name is Anne Valentina, but we call her Annie. I've had this party theme idea since she was born...because of her name. :) Also, when I was little, my room was decorated with Raggedy Ann and Andy, which I hated at the time! Lol!