Monday, January 2, 2012

My BEST After Christmas Shopping DEAL!


Did any of you guys head out for after Christmas deals?

One of my BFFs just had a baby and while others brought food to her home, I drug her rear end out (with the new baby) to hit some after Christmas shopping and took her out for Mexican.  I shacked her car seat up in the back of my SUV and drove them around town to all of our favorite bargain spots.  Now THATs a real BFF right? We joked that it was our idea of a perfect Friday night- LOSERS, right?  HA.

I thought I would share with you my best 
after Christmas steal DEAL!

Remember this guy?
Yeah, I know some of you are so stinking glad to stick him back in the attic.  I get it, trust me.

Well, I want to start it next year since K will be almost 3!
So when I saw him at Essex for $19.99 I grabbed him.

But then my BFF said to the cashier "ALL Christmas items are 90% off right?" 

Not too shabby, eh?
When I got home I realized the cashier must have done the math in her head, for somehow $19.79 was returned to my card.  
My 20 cent elf?  I'll take it!

Now, could anyone share some blog links with me for next year's reference on what are some creative things I can do with this darn elf?


  1. I know everyone in my moms group is obsessed with the elf on the shelf. I'm not really a fan, but apparently its very detailed. Like if a child touches the elf he loses his powers, and every morning he finds a new place to sit. No links though...sorry! And yes you are a good friend, sounds like fun, and newborns are the easiest to drag around!

  2. We did it for the first time this year and the kids loved it. One night the doorbell rang and the book was sitting on the doorstep. We read it and then they found the elf hiding in the kitchen. Nice score on the price. My advice is keep it simple!!!!

  3. Lots of inspiration on Pinterest for your sweet Elf friend.

  4. Great deal! My kids first learned about this back in preschool (their teacher had one for the class), they are now 18 and almost 22. My nieces love the Elf. I agree with Courtney...keep it simple, especially at her age.

  5. There are SO many creative ideas on Pinterest!! Such a cute idea for the kiddos!!

  6. We love our el on the shelf "jingle bells". He has hung fromour shower head, my chandelier, he's not moved because the kids were naughty...(we forgot to move him). We love him and I was definitely happy to say good bye. Your little chicken will look forward to waking up each morning to find him. Btw...20 cents?!? You lucky girl! I bought mine at PBK last year full price! Now the elves are sold everywhere!!

  7. You are a good friend! I bet you all had a great time and what a deal you got on the Elf! Happy 2012, Shelli. I think it is going to be a great year!

  8. I'm afraid to get too creative. I have woken from deep sleep at least twice at 3 a.m. remembering I forgot to move the darn thing. The craziest ours got was riding a Barbie horse. I've seen some that have gone to A LOT of thought on activities for their elf though. I'll just admire those more creative and energetic than me. =)

  9. I have all of our elf's antics on my blog. They are the newer posts and in order by each night!
    You can look at 2010's elf activities here:
    I tend to go a little overboard, but it is fun and my little one loves it!

  10. I love salesperson errors...but only if I catch it when I get home. If I see it at the register, I feel guilty until I finally say something! I don't have any ideas on the Elf, but I did see one where it was laying on the kitchen floor in some salt, looking like it did snow angels! How cute is that?!?!

    And yes, the best bff to take her out! (what's your fave mexican there?) And ps -- now that I'm back at work I'm able to be productive, so I'm putting your article in the mail today!! xoxo

  11. I did a blog post one day on the's a blessing and a curse! I got some great ideas from my friend Ali like putting out other dolls and action figures with the elf and having a cheerios party on the sofa. Or having the elf playing in the flour and making "snow" angels. The kids loved that one. Have fun!

  12. very creative idea!!
    Thanks for sharing friends!!!

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  13. Wow, now that's a cheap elf! lol. Hope you're having a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

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