Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CUTEST Party Invites EVER....and a disaster too...

(yes,all of the info is fake just in case there are a few crazies out there, and I've heard stories......)

How stinking cute did K's party invitations turn out?  
They are from Olive + Starr
She has the CUTEST designs, you will love her shop.

I also ordered this really cute vintage Raggedy Ann planter for flowers at K's party....
but it wasn't packaged very well and so all I got was this
Poor Raggedy Ann...

(*If you missed the goodies I ordered last week for the party, click here)


  1. That invitation is super cute, and yikes at the raggedy ann packaging :/

  2. Such a small world! I went to high school with Nicole of Olive & Star! Adorable invites!!
    -Ashleigh (www.themommystop.com)

  3. Love the Raggedy Ann theme. My youngest was/is a HUGE fan!!

  4. now that is cute!


  5. Absolutely darling invitations, Shelli! So sorry about the mishap with Raggedy Ann. I bet K will be so excited on her big day! It be be a fun party.

  6. I can't believe that Kendall is already 2! Super glue will fix Raggedy Ann, lickity split! Did wonders on my Amber Depression Glass jars.