Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All White Bedding.....

Yesterday's bedrooms inspired me to do all white bedding on my bed....

It's so nice and calm, right?  My bedding usually looks something like this.  Pretty sure this won't be as pretty as soon as k gets her little chubby hands on it....ha.  

(still don't have side table skirts, someone shoot me now)

Remember this bedroom from here?  
I still love it too.

Do you do all white bedding?  
Show me, I wanna see!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Calm and Serene Master Bedrooms

I guess I shouldn't be TOO surprised that these 2 images (sent to me by friends) are incredibly appealing to me as my master bedroom used to look very similar color wise to this serene bedroom.....

(anyone know the source?)

and now is pretty much the color of this calm neutral bedroom (pics coming soon).....

but oh, I could just curl right up into either of them with a cup of hot tea and a really good book.....couldn't you?

PS- sorry for being MIA, the hubs and I were here last week....so heavenly, but now back to reality, right?  

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Nursery Buzz From Schue Love!

Hi Friends!  I'm Natasha from Schue Love and I'm so excited to be back!  This time, I'm talking about my latest obsession...the baby nursery!
Owl Nursery
{Click on board for more details!}

That's right!  My husband and I are expecting our first little one in June!  So it's fair to say, I've got baby on the brain!

We find out the gender very soon which will definitely help develop the ideas I have for the nursery.  Luckily, I'm quite drawn to gender neutral decor.  I love all white furniture, but it can look cold.  I challenged myself to embrace this warm wood crib.  It's very traditional, but I think with the right accessories, it can work!

To balance out the classic crib, I brought in this ultra modern side board from West Elm.  I love that it still has the dark wood at the base, but the white balances it out.  I'm a big fan of using more functional furniture for a changing table.  It will grow with your family and is much more versatile.

The yellow chair brings in a much needed pop of color.  The chevron rug offers some interest with pattern...along with the fun pillows and print.  To make this nursery a bit more sophisticated, I used a "grown-up" lamp and the fun antler sculpture.  The owl is a fun, whimsical detail too!  :)

I have to say, I'm very excited to find out the gender...this inspiration board would look great with a cute pink/coral color too!

Thanks to Shelli for having me today!

xo natasha

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Horton Living Room- EDesign Before and After

I know you kids love a before and after (I sure do!)
....so here ya go!
Remember this post?
My sweet friend Leigh Ann sent me her before and after pics from her e-design!  Didn't she do a FABULOUS job???
BRAVO my friend!! I hope you love your space as much as I loved helping you with it!

Here was her inspiration board:

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Cutest Valentine's Day Cards!

Can you believe it's almost Valentine's Day???
Wasn't it just Christmas?
I used this shop for K's first birthday invitations and she is making K's valentines cards this year too!

I ordered these little doodads for K's school party!

Are these not the cutest? 
The paper is really buttery and high quality.
I'll show you K's when they come in the mail!

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Little Teacher Gift For No Reason

I would say if anyone needs a little goody 'just because' it is most deserved by school teachers!  I picked up these little cross notecards from Michaels and added a little ribbon.  They went into K's school bag for the Mothers Day Out teachers...

K's MDO teachers make my life so much more manageable and I am so thankful for them !  
Happy Friday Ya'll!!  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chiang Mai Pillows For My Living Room!


My Chiang Mai pillows from Elegant Touch arrived!  I am in love with them!  They are a little more affordable because they only have the print on the front of the pillow, and I think they look pretty cool!  Olga does and amazing job on her pillows and they always show up pristine and dressed in their packaging.  You can really tell she takes pride in her work and she is great to work with!  Check out her shop if you get a chance, bet you'll find some cool fabrics that you will drool over.  Unfortunately, I always do, lol.  

Do you like?
What else should I add to the mix???

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CUTEST Party Invites EVER....and a disaster too...

(yes,all of the info is fake just in case there are a few crazies out there, and I've heard stories......)

How stinking cute did K's party invitations turn out?  
They are from Olive + Starr
She has the CUTEST designs, you will love her shop.

I also ordered this really cute vintage Raggedy Ann planter for flowers at K's party....
but it wasn't packaged very well and so all I got was this
Poor Raggedy Ann...

(*If you missed the goodies I ordered last week for the party, click here)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gorgeous Gender Neutral Nursery- Hadley Designs

I wanted to show you guys a really sweet nursery from one of my bloggy friends, Hadley Binion....
they have a BRAND new baby girl!!!!

Read the details of this serene and beautiful space!
Congrats to you Hadley!!
Little Calder is GORGEOUS and so is her nursery!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Planning A Nursery? Lucite Frames!

I am a big fan of framing sweet sentimental baby clothing in nurseries.  In fact, I did it in K's nursery as many of you know.

These are my husband's baby clothes...so sweet!

I also think this is so cute.  Look at this sweet tiny baby bikini from

My BFF sent me this pic today because she knew I would be obsessed and I think you will be too...

So stinking gorgeous.  Me want.  
The grey and whites are so soothing and serene too. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The 2nd Birthday Party Planning Continues...

Ok, so I am knee deep in etsy.  Party planning my tail off.  That's how I roll, and I think I scare my husband.  My therapist once called me 'an unstoppable force' and I'm not sure it was a compliment.  I bet she highlighted that in her notes.  Lovely.  Just lovely.

But anyway...I've decided I need some blue into the
 party color mix.
(there may or may not be more than one cake topper in my plan)

Isn't she SO SWEET?  I wanna marry her.  She will be mine.  
Lisa does amazing work, you can find her here

I also found these FUN candy cups and I am going to use them for fruit cups for the kiddos and the adults!
I am going for the black with white jumbo dots

But oh, these caught my eye too!  Fun colors!
(They would make adorable ice cream cups too)
These are all so cute it might make a healthy treat seem sweeter, right?  Look, I'm trying to stick to my New Year's Resolutions PEOPLE!  


and if you were throwing a circus party,

and this is off topic but if you were getting married and say had a shower or a fun engagement party

Dear LORD, I need to get off of etsy. STAT.
Nighty night.
PS- wait until you see the invitations.  I am obsessed.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Nursery And A Prayer!

Call to prayer.
One of my sweet friends from college contacted me about doing a design board for her to purchase for a friend.  Her best friend.  Her best friend that is waiting on a baby.  She and her husband were chosen by the birth mother, but in this particular state, the birth mother has ten days afterwards to change her mind.  My friend's BFF is scared.  Fearful that this baby might not really stay HER baby.  This fear has kept her from decorating a nursery.  She has a white crib and a sweet crib skirt.  The baby is due any day. Will you pray?  

This is the nursery I designed for this sweet baby girl.
I will also be praying that this baby is the one!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Planning K's 2nd Birthday Party!

Guess who is going to be turning 2 soon?
Who I swear just yesterday looked like THIS!
*sniff sniff*
So, this momma has got to get to planning.
Last year's party was here at 
the a'la mode house

This year, we rented out a local bounce house.
The color palette is going to be
red, black and white
with a touch of Raggedy Ann!
Here are some things I have ordered so far:
(picture the green as red, etc)
*these pics are off of the vendor sites, not my custom party orders, real pics coming soon*

We are going to do doughnuts, breakfast sammies, kolachies, juice, milk and STARBUCKS (for the adults)....I even ordered a doughnut CAKE! (hope its cute)
Any vendors I should know about?
Any cute ideas for me?

Friday, January 6, 2012

What I've Been Up To This Week.....

Sorry I have been MIA this week, but my little hot mess was home from Mother's Day Out and so we were doing a lot of this....

finding hats and sunglasses to wear.... and playing with babies.
Yesterday in the car she said to me, 
"I KK.  I toot."
What a proud moment, ha!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

E- Design Of The Week- Client Living Room- Adding Color Pops to Neutral and Leather

This e-design client wanted to add a pop of pink and blue to her neutral living room!  She also wanted to add a glass coffee table to show off her gorgeous persian rug (the rug in the board is just a stand in).  We will be dressing the mantle with the tall mirror and accessories.  My client has chocolate leather sofas so we used light and bright accessories and pillows to lighten the space!  

I hope she will share with us a 'before and after' pic!!  

Monday, January 2, 2012

My BEST After Christmas Shopping DEAL!


Did any of you guys head out for after Christmas deals?

One of my BFFs just had a baby and while others brought food to her home, I drug her rear end out (with the new baby) to hit some after Christmas shopping and took her out for Mexican.  I shacked her car seat up in the back of my SUV and drove them around town to all of our favorite bargain spots.  Now THATs a real BFF right? We joked that it was our idea of a perfect Friday night- LOSERS, right?  HA.

I thought I would share with you my best 
after Christmas steal DEAL!

Remember this guy?
Yeah, I know some of you are so stinking glad to stick him back in the attic.  I get it, trust me.

Well, I want to start it next year since K will be almost 3!
So when I saw him at Essex for $19.99 I grabbed him.

But then my BFF said to the cashier "ALL Christmas items are 90% off right?" 

Not too shabby, eh?
When I got home I realized the cashier must have done the math in her head, for somehow $19.79 was returned to my card.  
My 20 cent elf?  I'll take it!

Now, could anyone share some blog links with me for next year's reference on what are some creative things I can do with this darn elf?