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Lonny Aneboda Hack- Superchyc

Hi a' la moders!  I'm Kim from Superchyc and I'm excited to share my Lonny Aneboda Hack with you today!
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My kickass hack!!!

Dare I say that I am the first to attempt a Lonny inspired Ikea hack?  Hmmmm, you never know...

One day last week, I read a tweet from Lonny that linked to their blog and a post about fancy schmancy closets, in honor of Fashion Week.

Super cute inspiration, quite timely for this gal, who has been planning a closet do over for a while now.

Feast on this eye candy...

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When I saw these, my DIY wheels started turning...

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I immediately thought of the Aneboda chest from Ikea.

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After checking out the measurements online and measuring my closet, I headed to the local Ikea to check out the construction.  My main concern, those corrugated plastic drawer inserts...  Uhh-uhh...no can-do, homeslice.  Thats not chyc, thats chyt.  Mmmm, k....

When I got to the store, I pulled open the display's drawers but could not tell if the drawer fronts came prefabricated or not.  So I asked sales woman and she confirmed that, yes, I would have to assemble, which meant, I could replace that fugly plastic with some fancy...plastic.  I also needed to confirm that feet weren't really legs, meaning, I could chose to not to install them vs. having to amputate a foot from a leg.  Fortunately, they were just feet.  Guess I will have to leave the body dismemberment to Dexter.  Who else saw the season finale???? whaaaat???

Because my ceiling height is only 8' (or 96") and the aneconda Aneboda is 39 3/8" (with feet), I only picked up two (maximum height of 78 3/4").  I would've preferred to stack 3 of them to the ceiling for a more built-in look but I have some ideas on how to utilize the extra foot an half on top.

Soooooooooo, I brought home the two Anebodas and started to pull the parts out.   
And saw this...

...prefab panel...wah wahhhhhhhhhhhh...as you can see from above, I wasted no time in cutting them out with a utility knife (and a hammer)... 

I hit up Lowes to have some plexiglass cut to size.  Since the drawers were prefab, I could not insert the plexi into the grooves, so I chose to glue it to the inside of the drawer, like this...

I used Gorilla Glue and placed paint cans on top to apply pressure and form a bond to promote strong adhesion.

I really wanted to match the drawer pulls as closely as I could but sourcing a good match was very difficult.  Or a close match that my cheap thrifty self would shell out for.  

With six drawers, $20/pull would've cost almost as much as the two dresser units cost.  Plus, the hole measurements would not have lined up and I didn't want to get into filling holes, paint matching and redrilling.

: (
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Then I thought I'd make them but, umm, yeah, I just bit the bullet and bought these.

At $8.37/pull (and the perfect measurement to match the predrilled holes), it was a no brainer.

The hardware arrived today and I finished installing the drawers...this little diva cutie kept me company.

Here they are stacked...

When I decided to go ahead with the hack, I did a little research to see if anyone had done a similar project.  I didn't find a comparable one but I did find these.

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And you've probably seen Maegan's Aneboda hack she posted as part of her office reveal...

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Here is a collage I put together to show you my inspiration pics along side the end result...

A few things I would've done differently...

When putting the dresser together, I would've paid more attention to the part numbers.  I used several hardware parts in the wrong spaces and had to go back to remove and redo.  Luckily, I was able to remove the wrong pieces.  Or maybe I'm just an overeager hacker... : )

Also, the Gorilla Glue says to use in moderation because it expands.  IT DOES.  Like crazy foam.  Only small quantities are needed.

As you can see, my closet walls are eye searing yellow...that will likely be my next endeavor.  I'm going to paint them the same color as my bedroom but with an added surprise...guess I have to post pics of my new bedroom walls first, though.

Ok, so here is the cost breakdown:

Two Aneboda chests @ $69.99 each = $139.98
Two sheets of plexiglass (27" x 30" cut into 6 equal pieces) @ $14.99 each = $29.98
Gorilla Glue - free (already owned)
Six Acrylic bar pulls @ $8.37 each = $50.22
GRAND TOTAL - $220.18

Long post but there was lots to share.  Hope you like my hack.

All pics via SuperChyc, unless otherwise noted.


  1. Love it! Where did you get those pulls?

  2. OMG! This is the inspiration that I was looking for:-) I'm painting my HUGE closet today a discontinued Martha Stewart Pink Sea Salt and have been trying to figure out how in the heck to store my shoes! Luckily I live exactly 1 mile away from an Ikea!! Ha!! I'm gonna try this:-)

  3. Wow, I'm impressed! You did a great job finding the resources to make a beautiful replica. Best of luck with the rest of your closet remodel.

    xo L.

  4. Thank you, Ladies!! : )
    Ruxi, here is where I sourced the pulls from: http://www.knobs4less.com/cengalaxy1093626cl.html

    Kris, good luck on the DIY. I'm flattered you want to duplicate! I used the Billy bookcase to store my shoes but the clear fronts on my anebodas would be a nice way to showcase, too. Good idea.

    Thanks, Leah. I posted an update on my blog with some recent changes. You can check them out here: http://superchyc.blogspot.com/2011/11/recycle-renaissance-sulky-room-my_07.html

  5. Hi there! I'm trying to redo my aneboda dresser as well. I'm having such a hard time finding the right drawer handles. I saw that you posted the link to the handles you used but unfortunately, the link isn't working. May I know what measurement you used to find a drawer handle that matched the pre-drilled holes?

  6. you are a certified genius. I love this.

  7. What did you do to the original grooves left behind from plastic panels? Just leave them showing?

  8. Hi! This looks great! I've done something similar but less creative where i have my drawers stacked but I'm always worried they're a bit precarious. Did you secure them to the wall in some way? Thanks!

  9. I love love this inspiration!!

  10. Please email me when possible.

  11. Please email me when possible.