Monday, December 19, 2011

I AM Pretty Smitten!!! Great Holiday Gift- a FAV

Ok, ya'll know when I find something good I have to shout it from the here is my latest obsession.  Now look, there are LOTS of cute iphone cases out there but this one is THE BEST (and I have tried a TON of them).  It is not only cute, but SUPER STURDY, and has the feature where the bottom part comes off so you can put it in a charging cradle....LOVE THAT!!! ( I like to use my charging cradle beside my bed because it keeps my phone upright, making it easy to check the time in the middle of the night, etc. )

Here is mine!  I LOVE IT.  It is from Pretty Smitten and she makes the cutest designs!

I want them all.  Man, I hate that about myself.  

I really want one of her signature pony tail head. 
It's so cute! I want it in turquoise.  

Me thinkey this would be nice under the tree, no?


  1. I have been eying one of these cases for awhile and will continue to stalk until I can order one. These will make such good birthday/graduation gifts as well!



  2. These are adorbs!

  3. gorgeous! i am embarrassed to admit how much time i spent today daydreaming about color patterns. i'm hoping to get an iphone soon and this case will be a necessary accessory :)

  4. these are so cool! love the 1st one.