Monday, November 14, 2011

My Feet Have A New Friend

I have a new obsession for my feet.  
Oh, and they ain't cute ya'll.

BUT...don't knock 'em 'till you try 'em.  

I'm showing you my 2 favorite pair.
My trainer had to actually teach me how to run in them 
(yes, I am lame)
Oh, and I have NEVER been a runner.  
But now, I just love running along on the balls of my feet (that was weird to type)
 in these little weird doo dads for your footsies.
My knees have never felt better (well, maybe during a sports massage) and that is a big 'ol plus!  I always thought I could never run because I have had knee issues since a car accident in high school (you know, like a bajillion years ago)

My hubs got a pair this weekend (drinking the kool-aid too) at REI on sale for $34!!

Have you ever tried the Vibram Five Fingers shoes?
Do you barefoot run?

Don't forget to enter the $50


  1. My 8 year old begs for a pair nearly every day! Going to check out your link...

  2. I don't have a pair, but my husband does. He loves them!

  3. These are great! my whole family wears them, we even finally found my six year old a pair a few weekends ago, and she loves them too

  4. My brother has a pair and i have to be honest they totally freak me out-they look so creepy but he swears they are the best thing ever.

  5. So happy you posted this, I've been running since high school, and want to drink this cool aid as well!! Thanks for the info!! I'm going to order

  6. So these really make running more fun and easy??? I started running almost two years ago and notice a lot of knee and ankle pain when I run weekly. So now I just run every other week and do 5Ks every now and then. You're really making me want a pair of these things....may have to put this on my Christmas list!!!

  7. def have these on my xmas wish list this year!!

  8. I'm not a barefoot runner, but running on the balls of your feet is easier on your body and less impact. A really good brand is Newton for training your body to run in the lower impact fashion (balls of feet and less heal striking). I haven't started training in these just yet but plan on adding them to my collection. I run in Brooks and the hubs in Mizuno's.

    Happy running! Love it!

  9. I've never used them before- but I've heard they're awesome! My knees hurt SO badly when I run...

  10. I have a friend that is an avid runner. Loves them! Glad they work for you..lucky you are cute cuz they are fugly!:D Enjoy your day
    For some reason I can no longer comment from my google acct on your blog but I have a dusty blog Sprinkles of Joy and Laughter

  11. I love walking around in them, but when I started running in them they bothered my feet. My husband has a pair and swears by them!

  12. That's funny... I just finished mocking my husband for buying socks with individual toes! lol Maybe I'll just have to try some of both and be proven wrong! ;)

  13. My hubby owns a pair and LOVES them. At first, I was embarrassed to leave the house with him, but now I think they are "cool." ha Anxious to hear what you think about them...xo

  14. What kind are the first one? I'm familiar with the Vibram ones, but I kinda dig the white ones!!! They don't look like Vibram ones to me...