Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Current Baby/Toddler Favorite!

Ya'll know how I like to share my baby faves? 
Well, here is one of my current loves for baby k.

I love how the food is kept cold by the freezer pack (comes with) and the little containers snap together for a little food tray of sorts for easy feeding.  It even has a stretchy band on the top to slip in your sippy cup!

The only thing that would make it cuter was if it was monogrammed.....hmmmm....wonder if I can get it monogrammed?  

In the meantime, I had these little taggos made for small items like this

They have a ton of different styles for your choosing and I ordered k's sticker labels from this shop too.  Loved them all.

Here are the stickers that I ordered for K and love.

So cute, right?  You can buy them here

(This shop has no idea that I am posting this, but I wanted to share it with you guys bc I truly love it all)

Any products you love for your baby/toddler/child that you can share with me?  Christmas is coming up ya know!


  1. i have ordered from cherry hill designs and LOVE them! thanks for sharing the skip hop bento box. definitely looking into it :)

  2. Hess is my maiden name!!